ViSN Camp

Off to Camp with ViSN


Last Thursday 6 February, several Mazenod students travelled to Thomas More College, Nedlands to attend a live-in camp as part of the Catholic Education’s Virtual School Network (ViSN) orientation program.  ViSN is now in its second year and is an external studies program which allows schools to work together to develop and deliver online lessons.  ViSN is an excellent initiative which enables students to study subjects not offered by their school with lessons timetabled into their daily program. Currently, Mazenod has seven students enrolled in ViSN and each student is timetabled for five lessons per week, one of which is a Skype lesson.  Each student works independently or collaboratively with guidance from their subject teacher and it is a learning model which will aid students transitioning to post-school options.


The students headed off to camp with great enthusiasm where they had many opportunities to connect with their teacher and peers from the city and isolated country areas.  Meredith Roe, ViSN coordinator, did an exceptional job in ensuring that the live-in camp had a strong pastoral focus and in meeting their teacher, students quickly realized that they will be studying under the guidance of expert teachers and participating in a program which strongly reflects best practice across all components of online learning.  Within each school a mentor is available to facilitate a positive and smooth learning experience for every student.


Across two days the sessions were varied and the strong message throughout was how students could achieve their best as an external student.   An Elevate study session provided students with several techniques used by top performing students and the important ‘stand outs’ were:  trigger words when note making; review notes regularly; mind mapping with colour; and practice, practice, practice of past exam papers (at least 3-5 per subject).  It is hoped that the ViSN students follow through with these.

Despite a tight program, there was time for games, throwing hoops and catching up with students from across the state.  It was a very busy camp and the students came away with a keenness to give of their best in 2019 and the intention to work hard to meet the demands of their teacher and the course.


In a word – the live-in camp was BRILLIANT!!!




Mrs Penny Worthington

ViSN Mentor 2019