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Mazenod Students Rank Among Highest ATAR Achievers

At last week’s opening assembly, we welcomed back graduates from 2018.  Prior to the assembly, the graduates joined staff at Mass and then had breakfast which was prepared by Old Boys on the Mazenod staff.  They were addressed by Matthew Alexander (College Captain, 2015) about his experiences since leaving school.

Twenty-three of the Year 12 graduates achieved an Australian Tertiary Rank greater than 90.  This represents 32% of the ATAR population which is the second-best result in Mazenod’s history since the introduction of the ranking system. The highest achieving student was Matthew Knight with an ATAR of 99.7 ranking him as the 6th highest achieving Mazenod student since the introduction of the ATAR system.  He will be awarded the Mazenod Medal at this year’s Presentation Evening.  He also received a General Exhibition from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) for being ranked as one of the top 40 students in the state.

There were eight students who achieved an ATAR greater than 95:

  • Matthew Knight - 99.7

Elliott Fourie - 99.65

Harrison Footer - 98.40

Zachary Povey -  97.9

Matthew Godfrey -  96.85

Thomas van Eck -  95.75

Camryn Thomason - 95.55

Matthew Unicomb - 95.15


We also welcomed back Thomas Robinson who was awarded the Fr Don Hughes OMI medal for being the most outstanding student in a General course of study.  He achieved five ‘A’ grades and one ‘B’ grade, completed 120 hours of work experience and achieved a Certificate II in Information Technology.


98.2% of the Mazenod cohort met the requirements for Secondary Graduation while the state rate of graduation was 91.6%.


94% of ATAR students were offered a university place while 71% were offered their first preference.  Impressively, 65% of the total ATAR cohort achieved an ATAR greater than 80.  Mazenod’s median ATAR of 84.3 ranked this cohort 31st in the state.

Three students were awarded a SCSA Certificate of Distinction and 21 students received a Certificate of Merit for their grade average over two years of Senior School.

Subjects to significantly outperform the state included Drama, Computer Science, Physical Education Studies, Geography and Visual Art while Applied Information Technology, Computer Science and Mathematics Specialist were ranked in the top 15 schools in the state. 


All 50 students enrolled in a General program of study successfully completed the requirements for the Western Australian Certificate of Education and achieved at least one VET Certificate.  In total Mazenod students completed 109 Certificate II's in areas such as Information Technology, Sport and Recreation, Sampling and Measurement (Science), Engineering (Metals) and Business.

2019 Careers and Transition Team

Parents and students (Years 10-12) should note that there has been a restructure of the Careers and Transition Team for 2019. 

Please refer to the diagram below to determine who you or your son should speak to regarding careers issues.  All Year 11 and 12 students will be engaged in one career lesson per cycle facilitated by one member of the careers team.

Parents will be advised of some of the career activities via future emails.



John Payne

Deputy Principal - Senior School