Faith and Mission

Morning Mass 

Weekday Masses begin at 8:00am in the College Chapel; however, Wednesday morning Masses begin at 8:10am. This coming Wednesday’s Mass will be a memorial Mass for Fr Patrick Dwyer OMI who passed away in December. Fr Dwyer was the College Rector from 1987 – 1992. Below is a table outlining this Term’s Wednesday Masses. Everyone from the Mazenod community is extended a warm invitation to attend these Masses.


Opening Mass Appreciation


Thank you to everyone who participated and assisted in anyway with our Opening Mass. In particular Fr McMahon and our Oblate Priests, the staff and students of the Choir, Readers and Eucharistic Ministers, Mr Ronan, Mrs Brand and her IT students, Mr Keogh and the Altar Servers, grounds and maintenance staff, office staff as well as our Mazza Mums. The Opening Mass is always a team effort.



Charity and the Oblate Charism

Extract from an article (Charity) by FABIO CIARDI


We cannot speak of Eugene de Mazenod’s charity solely in terms of moral appreciation or of virtue. In his life, love was much more than simple moral conduct. It was not a virtue, but a Person, God himself.

Eugene de Mazenod shared his experience of love with the whole Congregation in such a way that charity has become the distinctive trait of the Oblates. He forged an unbreakable link between fraternal charity and the missionary work of his Institute. The last testament of the Founder remains one of the moments when his teaching was at its zenith. Indeed, if our personal relationship to Christ is the source of our life and our apostolate, fraternal charity is the fruit and the sign of the new life born from him.

It is fraternal charity which makes us a community, which makes us witnesses, which makes us Oblates. It is at the heart of our charism; it is an essential part of our family spirit; it is characteristic of our identity. We are all familiar with the last words of the Founder: “Among yourselves practice charity…, charity…, charity”. But it was not only at the end of his life that he achieved this farsighted vision; this, in effect, was the vision he had from the beginning; he adopted it as the foundation of formation and of the animation of the Institute.


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Damian Wallis

Director of Faith and Mission