From the Principal

Opening Mass

On Wednesday, we celebrated the Opening Mass and it was a joyous occasion. Joining Fr McMahon and Fr Hughes were fellow Oblates Fr John Sebastian and Fr James from the Fremantle Parish and Fr John David who has joined our Mazenod community. Thank you to the wonderful parents of the Mazza Mums group who set up the morning tea following Mass and thank you to the many parents who donated morning tea items or attended the celebration. We have several key masses throughout the year and I do encourage parents to put these dates into their calendar and come along.

School Curriculum and Standards Authority Exhibition and Awards Ceremony


On Wednesday evening Mr John Payne, Deputy of Senior School and I had the pleasure of attending the SCSA Ceremony at Government House. Matthew Knight (Class of 2018) was one of a select few who were acknowledged for outstanding academic achievement. Matthew was our Dux of College, Mazenod Medal recipient and a General Exhibition Award winner with an ATAR of 99.7. This exhibition recognises the very top ATAR scoring students and Matthew now joins a very select club of three Mazenod students who have achieved such an honour. He is studying Music at WAAPA in 2019.  One of the guest speakers made an excellent point when addressing the award recipients, encouraging these young people to accept that their gifts and talents should now be directed towards serving others. Benjamin Franklin once said "Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What use is a sundial in the shade?"


There is no doubt we have come to understand a far richer construct of wellbeing. Physical, spiritual, social and emotional areas all play their part in comprehensive wellness. A key to healthy personal development is a sense of wellbeing and understanding how it is constructed and nurtured. Psychologists sometimes refer to domains or areas that are the needs of wellbeing. Social connectedness or belonging, stability, autonomy, safety, mastery and purpose tend to be referenced in the many approaches of well researched programs.


An important focus of the Mazenod Journey for our students is their personal development and holistic growth. From the Transition experience of Year 7 through The Rite Journey of Year 9 and into the senior years, we strive to deliver a wellbeing approach that empowers students to understand their character strengths, build resilience, and nurture a growth mindset – and all this we do in partnership with parents. Resources, both for parents and schools, are plentiful when we look for assistance to help raise our young people in this important area.


One particular resource that you may be interested in is School TV and we now provide it to parents through the following link:


School TV Link

 It is an online resource designed to empower parents with credible, sound information with realistic and practical strategies for raising healthy and well balanced children, and we intend to make reference to it in newsletters throughout the year and in conjunction with some of the topics being covered in the pastoral care program.

Mazenod Virtual Tour

We aim to make Mazenod a welcoming and hospitable community. Parents, prospective parents and those interested in Mazenod are not always able to have the first-hand experience of the breadth of learning within the Mazenod Journey so we are delighted to have developed the Mazenod Virtual Tour. The virtual version now sits alongside Open Day and College Tours as a means by which we show ourselves proudly to the world. I know the many students involved in the project were excited to showcase their College. Well done to all! You can view the tour through this link or by visiting our website.


Explore the Virtual Tour on the College website : Mazenod College Virtual Tour

Student Attendance and Illness

Last week I wrote of the importance of regular school attendance and its positive effect on learning. There will be times when students should not attend school due to illness and this is especially important when students have a virus that is contagious and may spread to other boys. Children should stay at home in the early stages of illness as at this stage they can be infectious and share the virus, bacteria or parasite through coughing, sneezing, contaminating surfaces and personal contact. Students who are ill should not to return to school until they are symptom free if they have a cold or flu and for at least 24 hours if they have had gastroenteritis. Thank you for your co-operation in advance as the adherence to this practice is important in protecting members of our school community whose health can be severely impacted by such viruses and illnesses.

Father Patrick Dwyer OMI

We were recently informed of the passing of Fr Patrick Dwyer, Rector of Mazenod from 1987-1992. Fr Dwyer passed away in Ireland. Our Wednesday morning Mass next week will be celebrated in his memory. All are welcome to attend. Our next edition of the Mazenodian will carry an article on Fr Dwyer and his time at our College.



Enjoy the week ahead.


“I looked for happiness outside of God and, to my sorrow, looked there for too long.”

– St Eugene de Mazenod


Andrew Watson