Sustainability News

New Clothing Hub at Melbourne Girls’ College!

The Sustainability Team is pleased to announce that we now have a clothing hub within the school which we would love our families to make the most of. It is situated just inside Gate 2. We have teamed up with the SRC group to bring this service to the MGC Community. The SRC group will give your unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories and bed linen a second life through up cycling and/or donating goods to those in need locally and globally. The SRC group guarantee that that 100% of donated goods are kept out of landfill. In many ways this is a better option than giving to an Op Shop because if items cannot be repurposed, they are turned into rags or biofuel. Please get behind this initiative.


For more information contact Paula McIntosh, or Thank you!  


Eco – Friendly Period Product Petition hits over 1300 signatures! 

Thanks so much to those parents who have signed the Eco – Friendly Period Product Petition. We’ve started a Facebook page called Eco-Friendly Periods 4 Vic Schools. See the link below. Please consider following, liking and sharing the page to keep up with all the latest on this campaign. Just a reminder that this action is in response to the Victorian Government’s announcement to provide single use pads and tampons to all schools as of 2021. We are calling for young people to be given a choice about what sort of products they use to manage their period. It’s not too much to ask and if given the choice, many young people would select a sustainable and less polluting option.  It will also help young people up to establish more sustainable life habits. Surely, this is a good thing. I’ve provided the link to the petition below. I’ve also included a short clip showing the MGC Community the dispensing machines that were put into every Victorian School toilet over the summer break. Have a look and decide for yourself how effective they are.  

Many parents new to MGC may not have had the opportunity to sign the petition. Please lend your voice and help us move towards our zerowaste goal. 


Please share the petition with friends and family. We need to get to around 2000 signatures to get some attention. 



Thanks so much. 


Paula McIntosh 

Sustainability Team