Instrumental Music News

2021 Music Camp - 19th – 21st March

Music Camp is running again at Urban Camp in Parkville this year, in Term 1 Week 8.

We will be leaving Period 4, Friday, 19th March and spend the weekend rehearsing, culminating in a short concert for family and friends on Sunday, 21st March at noon.

All students involved in the Instrumental Music Program and ensembles such as Choir, A’capella Choir, Band and String Ensemble are encouraged to attend.

The camp forms and payment need to be returned to the General Office by Friday, 26th February and numbers are capped at 40 for the camp to go ahead.


Please direct any questions to Wen Chin,


We look forward to sharing a weekend of beautiful music making with you!


Music Ensembles at MGC

Students that play an instrument or sing are encouraged to participate in a music ensemble, as this is an opportunity to practice the skills learnt in tuition and gain experience in playing in a group. Evidence has shown that students who play in an ensemble often progress faster on their chosen instrument! Students must understand that their participation in an ensemble is a yearlong commitment. The ensembles participate in numerous performance opportunities throughout the year, such as instrumental soirees and showcases, Music Camp, Generations in Jazz, Victorian Schools Music Festival, school assemblies, community events, and Presentation Night. 


If you would like to enroll in an ensemble, please contact the relevant leader or attend a rehearsal! Most of the ensembles will begin in Week 4.








Before School


String Ensemble (A3)

MGC Orchestra(A3)




Acapellago (A3)






MGC Choir (AUD)

Junior Rock Band (A3)


Acapellago (A3)

Senior Chamber Strings (A3)

After School



Senior Contemporary Ensemble (A3)



MGC Orchestra: Leader- Tony Hicks

Rehearsal Time: Wednesday 7:45am in the Music Room A3

The MGC Orchestra is open to all students within the school, not just those involved in lessons at MGC. The orchestra plays a range of genres including classical, contemporary popular, rock, jazz, blues as well as an emphasis on improvisation. It is expected that students involved in lessons at MGC will actively participate in the MGC Orchestra.


String Ensemble: Leader- Les Gyori

Rehearsal time: Tuesday 8am in the Music Room A3

The String Ensemble is a non-auditioned ensemble open to all string students within the school, not just those involved in lessons at MGC. The ensemble plays a variety of classical and contemporary string music.



Senior Chamber Strings: Leader- Wen Chin

Rehearsal time: Friday lunchtime in the Music Room A3

The Senior Chamber Strings is an auditioned ensemble open to string students who are interested in performing advanced string repertoire in a smaller chamber setting. The ensemble explores chamber repertoire across classical and contemporary genres.


Senior Contemporary Ensemble: Leader - Andy Clarke

Rehearsal time: Wednesday 3:30pm in the Music Room A3

The Senior Contemporary Ensemble is an ensemble open to students in Years 9 – 12 within the school. Students who play contemporary rock instruments and sing are welcome. They play a variety of contemporary classics and new songs. 


Junior Rock Band: Leader –Daniel Tedford

Rehearsal time: Tuesday Lunchtime in the Music Room A3

The Junior Rock Band is open to students in Years 7-9 who are interested in playing in a band! They play a variety of rock and contemporary classics and new songs. 


MGC Choir: LeaderEllyce Calder

Rehearsal time: Monday lunchtimes in the Auditorium

The MGC Choir is a non-auditioned choir open to all students who are interested in singing a wide variety of genres such as pop, musical theatre and jazz tunes. 


‘Acapellago’ Acapella Choir: Leaders- Ellyce Calder and Susan De Jong

Rehearsal time: Monday 9:30am, Thursday lunchtimes in the Music Room A3

Our acapella choir is an auditioned ensemble open to all students from Year 8-12. They represent MGC at many events, including Open Day, Information Evenings and Presentation Night and compete in the AUSACA National Acapella Championships.