Keyboard Lessons at CPS

A message from Lili Katz, Music Melodies

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The instrumental music program has been running successfully in your child's school Carnegie Primary and will be continuing in the future. Your school and the teachers are very supportive of the music program and enrolments are now open to students in grades 2-6.


Music Melodies offers students the opportunity to learn the keyboard whilst at school in a relaxed and fun environment. It caters for all skill levels from beginners to advanced. The program is designed to develop music skills, appreciation, active listening and concentration skills. Students will learn to read music notation and basic theory, providing them with an excellent grounding to further their skills or enabling them to easily switch to any other musical instrument.


Features of this program include:

¨ Lessons offered to children in grades 2        upwards.

¨ Qualified and experienced music teacher.

¨ Small intimate classes of 4 to 5 students.

¨ 30 Minute classes held weekly.

¨ Classes held at school during school hours.

¨ Each student learning the keyboard is provided with their own instrument to use during lessons.

¨ Keyboard lessons are $125.00 per Term. GST is included.

¨ Tuition in group of 2 offered; private lessons also available; please enquire.

Lessons will be at school, face to face. Please enrol online on the computer at:


Happy Keyboarding,


Lili Katz -0438 901146