Maths Olympiad

By Amanda Miller

The Australian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads organisation offers a maths competition for students in years 5 and 6 (junior division). It teaches problem solving strategies and strengthens students' mathematical intuition. Each year thousands of schools participate in the competition from around Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

This year, we registered a team and are extremely proud of their individual and team efforts.


Our 2021 team consisted of :

Arthur L , Kailash Naj, Siddharth R, Prince T, Patrick Mi, Lucas L, Jonah C, Avik K, Lola K, Ramsay M, Nathan G, Sanchitha M, Zac M, Holly M, Shivam P, Angus B, Gabe S, Dhwani S, Kenath S, Neil Y, Juliet N, and Tran N. 

Special mention also goes to Arthur for being the top scorer for the team and for scoring in

the top 2% of our division, Kailash for scoring in the top 10% of the division and Siddharth and Prince for scoring in the 25% of our division.

What an amazing achievement!

Congratulations to all our Olympiads. We hope you continue to embrace challenges that engage you and strengthens your maths learning.