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Linda Jones


On Monday night the Year 6 students presented a mini Film Festival as their end of year production. It was held at Glen Eira College and the evening consisted of four short films; Mulan, Zootopia, Shrek and The Lion King.

The students starred in the films, created the costumes and edited them all by themselves. We were lucky enough to be able to share this night with the Year 6 families which made it extra special. The students are to be congratulated on a wonderful achievement in creating these films, the talents on show were truly amazing!


Throughout 2021 when possible, students have participated in incursions, excursions and sporting activities. As part of families’ 2021 Parent Payments the vast majority of families paid the excursion and for our 3 to 6 students a sports levy. Please be aware that for some year levels there will be a small amount remaining as 2021 comes to an end. Please be aware that for students in year prep to 5 any monies remaining will be carried over into 2022 as a credit.



The leadership team and more particularly the classroom teachers are finalising the makeup of next year’s classes. The first criteria is that each child is placed with at least one friend they have chosen from a small list. There are lots of pieces of information and observations that are taken into consideration when placing the children and we ask once again that you support our decisions. We value all our teachers equally and again point out to you how closely our teams work together to take equal responsibility for the outcomes of all students in each grade area. We are very lucky with regards to the quality of our teachers across the board and this should not be taken for granted. The students will be told their placements before the end of term and will have a short session with their new class. Your support of your child can be quite enhanced by receiving news of their placement with enthusiasm and encouragement.


Term 4 ends on Thursday 16th December at 3.30pm. On this day all students will participate in a Kaboom Sports incursion. 


A final assembly is being planned for our students and Year 6 parents from 2.15pm. This will be made available remotely to other families. Details will be shared a little closer to the date.


School commences on Tuesday 1st February 2022 for our Year 1 to 6 students. Prep students commence on Thursday 3rd February with shorter hours for the first week. Details will be shared with families prior to the end of the year.



Linda Jones & Karen Bentata-Grimm