Sporting News 

Swimming Carnival

It was an exceptionally enthusiastic squad that took up the challenge of representing Nossal at the Casey North/Cardinia Division Swimming Carnival on March 15. The team spirit was strong and the sun was shining as the swimmers took to the pool, with representatives allocated races thanks for their performance at the House event. Despite not having year 7 and 8 students to fill the younger age-groups, Nossal blitzed the competition and beat 10 schools to be victorious overall – a wonderful achievement. Of particular note was the success of the relay teams with 6 relays winning - the ultimate team effort. 22 speedsters also qualified for the Regional competition held two weeks later.


An early start greeted those making the journey to MSAC in Albert Park as students competed against over 60 schools to earn a place at the State Championships. Whilst the top of the dais eluded us, it was Ethan Khoe who brought home the bronzeware, coming third in his 50m breaststroke race. A swathe of fourth- and fifth-place finishes rounded out the day, but our wonderful students never gave up the fight or spirit. Congratulations to all involved in the Swimming season, and thanks to Ms Jess Ball, Ms Jane Denman and Ms Clare Budd for their support on carnival days. Time to get training for 2022 House Swimming!


Anita Coffa

Sports Teacher


Peer Teaching – Year 10 PE 

During Term 1 the Year 10 PE students have been participating in a Peer Teaching program where they had to teach the rest of their classmates (in pairs) a 15 minute activity.  


This year the focus of the Peer Teach was on Fitness activities. Students had to research a fitness component and the training principles (Specificity, Intensity, Duration, Overload and Frequency) to plan an activity that was engaging for the rest of the class and promoted maximum participation. 


The Fitness components that students could choose from included: 

Muscular Power 



Muscular Strength 

Anaerobic Capacity 

Muscular Endurance 

Aerobic Power 


Body Composition 


Reaction Time 



The purpose of the task was to challenge students to increase their skills in Leadership, Organisation, Teamwork and Communication. It also encouraged students to think about a variety of Fitness activities that they can continue at home or in the Fitness Centre throughout their VCE studies, to manage stress and support their physical health and wellbeing. 


Some of the fitness activities that you will see featured in the photos are: 

Bootcamp and Boxing with Gopi and Evalyn (Muscular endurance) 

Yoga with Angela and Hadar (Balance and Flexibility) 

Dance with Kiran and Keira (Coordination) 

Basketball shooting drill with Akil and Ethan (Agility) 

Soccer fitness with Kertikrohan and Yomith (Muscular endurance and Reaction time)


Ms Chantelle Pumphrey 

Physical Education Teacher