Out Of School Hours Care

OSHC News Week 2


The Child Care Relief package ended on the 12th of July which means that fees have resumed as of the 13th of July 2020. Please contact the service if you have any queries.



As fees have resumed the service is able to provide food during the term (breakfast, fruit platters and afternoon snacks). The service aims to ensure that all food allergies and dietary requirements are considered, however, please check the OSHC menu and provide a food alternative for your child if they do not eat the specified menu item for the day that they are attending.


My Time Our Place

What an amazing start to Term 3! This week the children have enjoyed sharing with their friends and educators about what they did in the holidays and what their highlights were. In the OSHC room the children have spent time creating colouring letters, building lego towers and making sensory bottles. The children are able to extend the programmed activities through brainstorming, hypothesising and experimentation.

Outdoors the children have enjoyed connecting with nature by watering and taking care of the OSHC garden. The children enjoyed smelling the new herbs and even tasting some of their leaves!



Child Care Relief Package

The child care relief package which has supported families by providing free child care will come to a close on the 12th of July 2020. Fees will resume as normal as of the 13th of July 2020.



If your child requires medication please ensure that you have provided an action plan as well as the medication (asthma pump, epipen etc.) to the service. It is vital that we have access to your child’s medication at our service whilst your child is attending.



As part of our sun safety policy all children are required to wear a hat if they are playing outside. Please remind your child/children to bring their hats from their classroom if they are attending the service.



A reminder to all parents and caregivers to contact the service on 8443 5308 if their child(ren) are no longer attending their sessions or have been collected early from school.


Dietary Requirements

At our service we aim to cater to children’s needs as much as possible, however, if your child has specific dietary requirements or does not like the food programmed for the day please pack an alternative snack or drop off food alternatives at the service. 



Kelly Stephen

Acting OSHC Director