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Alisha Fox- Aboriginal Education Teacher

What's been happening? 

LNPS Cultural Awareness Training


Niina marni, 

Last Wednesday the staff from LNPS participated in cultural awareness training with Jack Buckskin. He is a wonderful presenter and story teller and it was a fantastic opportunity with which Jack shared his knowledge about our shared history, Kaurna culture and language. 


Some key points include:

  • The impacts of colonisation
  • Chronological explanation of events from 1836 to present day
  • Customs, beliefs and ceremonies
  • Kinship
  • Traditional way of life compared to modern day living
  • The importance of identity and  language
  • The Dreaming
  • The importance of respect, truth telling, acknowledgement, acceptance and  inclusion for all.




For thousands of years, the original inhabitants of Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples occupied the lands with very different boundaries than today, centred on intimate cultural relationships with the land and sea.


Throughout this term staff are looking forward to working with Jack to learn some Kaurna language, which we will then teach our students. We will start with greetings and introducing ourselves. Some of our Year Seven students have been very keen to learn some language and have organised mini workshops, researching and practising Kaurna words and phrases. This has been just wonderful to see. 


Get Creative!

Indigenous Language Art Competition

Create an artwork featuring the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language of your local area!

Find out what your local Indigenous language is, and then create an artwork inspired by the landscape, flora or fauna of the land where the language is spoken. Include the name of the language in the artwork.


Why not enter this competition? 

Find out more at!/competition/3544231/indigenous-language-art-competition



Competition closes on the 14th of August