School News

Welcome Back to Term 3

Niina Mari,


Welcome back to our school community and a very warm welcome to our new families who are joining us for the first time. I hope that all families have had a good holiday and that everyone is feeling refreshed and ready for another eventful term. 


Students have settled back into their learning routines which has been pleasing to see and we are looking forward to another positive term ahead.


COVID-19 Update

As we are all aware COVID is still a concern for us all and luckily at this stage we are in a state that is managing the situation quite well and we have not seen an increase in cases. Saying this we still need to ensure that we are following guidelines including social distancing and high levels of hygiene. 


At this stage we are still holding assemblies without parents/caregivers and would encourage everyone to only come on the school grounds if it is essential. Parents are also still restricted from going into classrooms. If you need to speak to a staff member please contact us and we will arrange a meeting as soon as possible. Hopefully some of these restrictions will be further reduced in the near future. 


If we were to see an increase in cases and high level restrictions are enforced again, please be reassured that LNPS is in an excellent position to once again provide high quality teaching and learning in an online learning platform. Fingers crossed we do not get to this stage again!

Goal Setting 

LNPS continuously strives to create the best possible conditions for learning, and an important element is our approach to student goal setting. Throughout the year students and staff engage in learning experiences where time is taken to discover strengths and the areas for growth that they would like to focus on. 


LNPS goal setting focuses on all aspects of a student’s learning. Our sole purpose is to increase students' autonomy, ownership and self-regulation of their learning. Further to this, the collaboration between parent, child and teacher provides the opportunity to continue strengthening relationships. 


This term students will reflect on their existing goals, celebrate achievements and plan for further growth. 


Teaching and Learning Newsletters

On Friday 7th August Teaching and Learning Newsletters will be distributed to families. These newsletters will have a focus on the everyday operations of the school as well as an extensive outline of how we approach learning at LNPS. 


Newsletters will have more of a focus on 'how' students will learn and less on the 'what'. Parents/caregivers who would like further information regarding the content that is covered at each year level the ACARA website outlines the Australian Curriculum. 



(thank you)


2021 Enrolments

Registrations of Interest for enrolling your child in 2021 are now being accepted.


Do you have a child that will be joining siblings at LNPS in 2021? All sibling enrolments for 2021 are now due to be completed at the Front Office.


Please don’t assume you can still enrol if you leave it too late. The Education Department has implemented a new policy and we have strict timelines that we need to follow. 


Please contact us regarding Registration of Interest forms or download one from our website.


Please phone Trudy on 84435544 for further information.

2021 Year 7

Families with students who are intending to attend Year 7 in Independent or Catholic schools in  2021, could you  please notify the school as soon as possible. This will enable us to plan for future enrolments.