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Get a Cyber Safe Certificate each week! 

Cyber Safe Detectives! 

Years 5-6

Today's lesson is about posting details on the internet! This is a more serious topic, so it might be worth having a look before you watch it with your child so that you are prepared for any questions or conversations that might come up.  



Invite students to compile and design their own list of trusted people they would contact if they were concerned about online harassment by a stranger or if they were being cyberbullied, etc. It is very useful to have a good understanding of where they can turn to if they are wanting support online.   


External support networks may include Kids Helpline, Police, or the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. 




Any completed certificates, please email Mr Lane so he can make a record of your achievements! 



The Techsperts! 

Check out our superstar students!  

We have been looking through the archives for the amazing achievements of students over the past few weeks. This will be a space where some students are celebrated for their Tech Skills! 


Another showcase of filming for learning! This student has created a stop animation to show his knowledge! His idea is that he was designing an app called "Unity" for building a universe.   


A great idea and I look forward to the updates as it continues to develop! 




Zachary Lane

eLearning Leader