Students of the Week 3

Monday 14th February, 2022

PREP AWillow LFor settling into prep with such happiness, confidence and positivity.
PREP BMikhail DFor such a wonderful and enthusiastic start to school. Thank you for being such a kind and caring member of our class. 
PREP CCharlotte PFor starting school with such wonderful enthusiasm and always being so helpful in the classroom. You’re amazing, Charlotte!
PREP DGrace DFor settling into Prep seamlessly and always being kind and friendly to others. Keep shining!
1AMarianne LFor making a positive and stand out start to grade 1. Your friendly and helpful attitude has been noticed by all the grade 1 teachers. Great work, Marianne!
1BEmrysFor being a a wonderful class helper and showing kindness to all of your peers. Well done on a great start to term 1.
1DTessa Shelping a new friend feel welcome at CPS. Thanks Tessa for being proactive and helping us in Year 1. What a great start to 2022!
2AAlexey Rmaking a great start at CPS and being such a friendly and happy class member.
2BChloe ZFor starting the school year, being such a great helper in the classroom and always being proactive! Awesome job, Chloe!
2CIsabelle Pstarting school with such wonderful positivity and enthusiasm. Keep on shining brightly!
2DMaddie Whaving an amazing start to Grade 2. You are already such a great role model to others. Well done! 
3AChloe SFor their amazing start to year 3. Your kindness towards others is wonderful and your helpfulness in the classroom is very much appreciated!
3BRutvi PFor being such a kind and helpful class member in 3B. It is very much appreciated.
3CGeorgie RFor showing fabulous leadership skills. You are proactive, responsible and can always be relied upon to help others. What a wonderful role model you are to your peers. Well done!
3DRayna Sshowing up everyday with a positive and proactive attitude. We are so lucky to have you in our class.
4BArnav SFor an amazing beginning of the term in Year 4. You have consistently demonstrated a proactive attitude in the classroom and have been a great role model to others. Keep up the great work!
4CAjaraFor the fantastic start she has made to Year 4, and her excellent contributions to our group discussions. Well done!
5AKiki JFor your wonderful contributions to our discussions and for being so proactive. It has been a pleasure getting to know you better
5BLeo BYou've had a fantastic start to the year. Your caring and sharing qualites are already shining through. What a star you are!
5CNiamh NFor her incredible attitude to start up, kindness to her peers and skills on the basketball court.
6ASamantha FFor consistently being proactive, helping without being asked and involving yourself in the classroom
6BJermaine B

For making such a positive start to grade 6 at CPS. We love seeing your smiling face each day!

6CArtem AFor making such a great start to grade 6 at CPS. We love how hard you work each day!