From the Principal 


It was lovely to hear that so many parents participated in the ‘You Tell Us’ sessions that occurred last week. These online meetings are an important tool for teachers as they get to know students at the beginning of each year. We would have liked to invite you into our classrooms, however at this time the online format is the best option. As soon as we can invite you into our classrooms, we will do so. 

All parents should have now received a 2022 Information booklet via Compass outlining specific details pertaining to your child’s year level. If for some reason you haven’t received this information, please make contact with your child’s teacher. 

Our specialist team alongside the year 1 to year 6 teams have also posted short movie clips so you can get to know the staff who will be working with your children this year. We hope you enjoy watching them and putting faces to names.


The CPS art show was a wonderful success with our students in years 1 to 6 sharing their works of art with their parents over the past week. We had many visitors at the exhibition, both before and after school, in addition to classes visiting the show with their teachers. A big thank you to Suzy Bolger, our arts teacher for preparing this show and sharing her passion for the arts with our students each and every week.


I would like to convey the community’s gratitude to Susan Harper, Catherine Lopes, Larissa Casamento, Viren Dholakia and Joshua Stuart who have finished serving their current term on School Council.  These retiring councillors, along with all parents, are invited to put themselves forward for our 2022 School Council.

School Council is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of our school, overseeing school policies, finances and other aspects of school administration. It is made up of parents and teachers meeting once a month in the evenings either face to face at school or via video conference.

Further information in relation to School Council is attached at the end of this newsletter. Nomination forms are available at the office. If you have further question please call at the office to see myself or Liz Harley.

Nominations close this Friday 25th February at 4pm.


A reminder to families that School Contribution payments are still being taken. Thank you to those families who have already settled this with Pip, Annie or Molly. If you are unclear about any of these payments then please call in or phone the office for further details.


As our new school year commences, I ask you all to take the time to travel to and from school safely and respectfully giving consideration to others. Respect is our overarching school rule and yet when it comes to behaviours of parents at pick up and drop off time, some adults and our children need a gentle reminder. 

The most problematic issues are quite regularly bought to our attention are:-

  • Parking illegally at pick up and drop off times
  • Parking in our neighbours’ driveways and over crossovers. 
  • Dangerous U turns particularly in Truganini Road putting others at significant risk
  • Students and adults crossing the road dangerously in peak traffic times in preference to walking to our supervised crossings
  • Children riding too fast or without consideration for others on footpaths
  • Children riding their bikes across the school crossing, rather than dismounting and walking their bikes across the intersection.

I continue to encourage families with concerns to report these to the Glen Eira Council. Council Traffic Safety Officers will continue to patrol our school and may use photographic evidence for enforcement purposes.  Being courteous and considerate to others and acting as a positive example for our students is so important.


It is also timely to remind our community about maintaining personal space and distance, especially around our gates in the morning. We appreciate the excitement levels of students when entering school but ask the students to please avoid crowing and pushing to be the first into school!


Starting the Year in a Positive Manner

Here are some guidelines for making sure you start the year on the right foot and keep enthusiasm high throughout the school year: 

  • Focus on the process of learning, not the product.
  • Encourage your child to self-advocate.
  • Keep a long-term perspective.
  • Maintain a healthy sleep schedule.
  • Keep free time for your child to play after school, avoid over scheduling afternoons and weekends
  • Wait for them to share their day, they will share the important parts.
  • Cheer for your child as they develop their individual personality and strengths 

Most importantly:

  • Love the child you have.

Karen Bentata-Grimm & Liz Harley