Students of the Week 5

Monday 28th February, 2022

PREP ALeo HFor being such a thoughtful, caring and friendly member of Prep A. You are a superstar Leo!
PREP CGeorgie SFor being such a kind and friendly member of Prep C and putting your best into all learning tasks. Keep up the incredible work, Georgie!
PREP DGeorgie MFor having such a great attitude to school and learning and always giving 100% in all that you do. Keep shining!
1ASakura WFor working consistently throughout all class activities. Your hard work and determination to complete tasks to a high standard is fantastic. Keep up the great work, Sakura!!
1BJohnny AFor continuing to challenge himself and improve on his learning goals in each session. I am so impressed with your motivation to keep on learning!
1CSierra CFor making a positive start to grade 1. Always offering to help and being a kind and caring friend.
1DAnise DThank you for making 1D a happy place to be! You are trying so hard with all of your school work, especially your fantastic shape mouse in maths. Keep it up!
2AAnnabel MFor her excellent story writing with paragraphs and descriptive language. AMAZING!
2BTara TFor her awesome 'missing' poster for Mr. Carnivore and her fabulous story writing! Keep up the great work, Tara!
2CKatya BFor approaching challenging tasks with a growth mindset and a smile. You can do it!
2DSpruha PFor focusing so well on her reading and making such good progress. Well done, Spruha. You are a star!
3AChris WFor his excellent efforts in our open ended maths challenge this week. It was lovely to hear to explain your thought processes and explanations as to how you solve the crack the code!
3BSakiethyaa SFor her amazing effort in our problem solving challenge this week and then her ability to explain her strategies to help her classmates to also crack the code!
3CAsher DFor always being kind, respectful and inclusive to everyone. You are a wonderful role model to your peers!
3DYeshwanth DHis fantastic efforts in our writing sessions this weeks. The rhetorical questions he wrote were very persuasive. Well done!
4BPei Ting CFor her fantastic efforts in all areas of her learning and dedication to always trying her best and never giving up. Amazing work, Pei Ting!
4CSebastianFor the positive attitude and responsibility you display towards your learning. You are always looking for ways to improve and it is fantastic! Keep it up!
5AChristopher RSharing his knowledge and interest in Science with his peers. You are an asset to year 5, Christopher. Thank you!
5BAaria MYour hard work and determination to complete tasks to a high standard is fantastic. Keep up the great work Aaria!!
5CPaige M-FFor your beautifully kind nature and the way you look out for your peers. You have wonderful compassion and always include everyone. What an asset you are, Paige.
6AOllie PFor the excellent effort you put into researching and writing your information report on the endangered penguins. You should be so proud of how hard you worked last week!
6BOscar BFor consistently putting 100% effort into everything you do - what an awesome start to year 6 you have had!
6CSebastian KFor showing wonderful commitment to developing your presentation skills and taking on teacher feedback to improve your work.