How to support your child's mental health through the pandemic


Dear Parents,

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, everyday life has changed and will continue to change for most people, often with little notice. Children may struggle with significant adjustments to their routines (e.g., school closures, social distancing and home confinement), which may interfere with their sense of structure, Predictability and security. 

If you missed the Royal Children's Hospital's webinar that was on Wednesday 25 August you can access the webinar recording here.




The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us, including our kids. So, we want to help! Our Facebook Live session on Wednesday 25 August 2021 brought together an expert panel to discuss this important topic, with lots of practical advice. 


Hosted by Dr Anthea Rhodes (Paediatrician) with special guests Dr Ric Haslam (Director, Mental Health), Dr Alice Morgan (Clinical Psychologist) and Prof Harriet Hiscock (Paediatrician).


RCH Factsheet: Supporting your child to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic