Students of the Week

The following students will receive their certificates assemblies on the following dates:

Friday 27th August

Riley Mc (PA) - For the wonderful effort you are making with Remote Learning and the way you have a go at the set tasks. Well done Riley.

Noah F (PB) - For confidently sharing his knowledge about animals and the chores that are required to look after them. Noah's face lights up with happiness when he talks about his pets and the things he loves and we are always so engaged when he shares his experiences and ideas. Great job Noah!

Alaric C (12A) - For always showing a positive attitude during WebEx sessions and contributing to our class discussions. It’s wonderful to see your cheerful face each day and hear the fun stories you write. Keep it up!

Anahit B (12B) - For always being an active listener in each of our class Webex’s, and contributing lots of answers and knowledge to our class discussions. Great job Anahit, keep it up!

Lucie Mc (12C) - For trying her Personal Best in Remote Laarning. Lucie has worked extremely hard while on site and always willing to contribute to WebEx discussions. Well done Lucie!

Matisse M (34A) - For all the amazing work you are doing in Remote Learning! I am so impressed by the effort you put into every task and that you are asking questions to make sure you have a good understanding of the task. Great job, Matisse! 

Sully B (34B) - For the terrific job he did in revising and editing his persuasive writing task. Sully added more informative language, rhetorical questions, commas, exclamation marks, quotation marks and modal verbs to his published piece. Great job Sully. Keep up the enthusiasm for writing.

Alex E (34C) - Your very persuasive writing piece about why we should call the yellow chick Princess Summer. All your reasons were fantastic as well as the poster you created to accompany your writing. Super effort! 

Nick (56A) - For the amazing effort you put in to Remote Learning. It is so wonderful looking at all your uploaded work each week and seeing the amount of effort and detail you are adding. Keep up the great learning!

Henry W (56B) - For your happy attitude coming into our webex lessons each day. It’s been great seeing you bring a smile but also seeing you work really hard on your learning. The work you have submitted over the last couple of weeks has been amazing. Keep up the good work!


Friday 3rd September

Angus B (PA) - For working hard to improve his maths skills. Even though you are already very talented, you keep aiming higher Angus by trying more challenging addition tasks on Space Jump! You’re a champion!

Harmeet K (PB) - For eagerly participating in our Webex sessions. Harmeet willingly shares her ideas and will bravely attempt to answer questions when asked. It has been so pleasing to see her try her Personal Best. Harmeet always displays beautiful manners by looking at the screen and putting her hand up when she needs to speak. Thank you Harmeet!

Elise A (12A) - For showing such resilience and effort during Remote Learning. It has been a joy to see you adapt so well to the new WebEx’s and having you share your amazing work with us. You superstar! 

Jordy Q (12B) - For being an excellent remote learning student who attends each Webex with a smile, and for consistently applying your personal best to your learning tasks. Keep up the amazing work, Jordy!

Cooper H (12C) - For always challenging himself in his learning and demonstrating Tribes Values. Cooper always raises his hand during class discussions and is respectful of his peers. Amazing effort Cooper!

Amelia M (34A) - For the great work you are doing during Remote Learning. You are always so focused in Webex sessions, ask questions and share your thoughts with the class. Well done, Amelia! Keep up the great effort! 

Jinwei L (34B) - For thinking outside the box when giving reasons, in his persuasive writing, for why one of our chickens should be named Lygo, a combination of Lychees and Lego. Jinwei was able to give great reasons including the fact that the chick is multicoloured like Lego. His published piece was beautifully presented and enjoyable to read. Top effort Jinwei.

Ewan B (34C) - Trying your personal best by solving all the clues to climb the word ladder in your spelling task last week.  

Bailey (56A) - For the effort and detail you have been putting into your work recently. You have been approaching tasks with determination and doing your personal best, particularly in reading. Well done!

Liam B (56B) - For developing an amazing newspaper article about the new LaLiga season. You wrote your piece in such a professional manner, gathering quotes from a range of sources and writing in an informative tone. Amazing work!!