Prep Arts Showcase

Last Thursday, 8th September the Prep children showcased their dancing, singing and artistic talent in the stadium for the parents and carers. It was wonderful to be able to put this together for you in a live format after the challenges of the past 2 years! Thanks to Mr Burton for doing PE out in the rain so that we could have our performance! Here are some photos from the day and written reflections by some of our Prep children.


Harriet, Prep S

We got to go to a concert and I got to talk on the microphone. Then we all listened to 'Shotgun' and the parents came to watch it too.


Edie, Prep S

The concert was today. I loved it. The concert was awesome. I liked the music.


Ava, Prep S

We went on the stage. I hope you liked it so much. We did 'Tiny Tim the Turtle' and 'Shotgun' and 'Shake It up'. It was so fun and I hope you loved it.