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Are you clever? Are you creative? Do you like challenging yourself? Are you a bit bored at home and want something exciting to do? Then Mrs Heywood has just the right thing for you! The SMARTIES is a fun educational club that you can be a part of from home. If you would like to participate and become a SMARTIES, all you have to do is complete the assigned activity for that fortnight, then send in a photo to Mrs Heywood showing your creation(s), with a brief description. With your permission, these will then be published and shared in the Newsletter for the other SMARTIES to see.

They might even want to have a go at recreating what you have!


Sound exciting? Think you’ve got what it takes? Ok then. Your first mission is to create a blanket and pillow fort only using 5 items in your house (blankets will be considered one item). You have until Monday the 20th of April to submit. If you have any questions please email Mrs Heywood at: