My Work Station

Emma Donaldson 4CB

Co-workers: Poppy, Charlotte, Marmalade the cat and Sooty the cat

Where I work: On a towel on the beach...not really, in the backroom of our house at our old Pine dining table

Work snacks: Plenty of water, coffee, nuts and a little bit of chocolate

Music to motivate me: Dolly Parton, the song '9 to 5' in particular

What I like about working from home: I can wear my slippers

What I miss: everyone's smiling faces



Chelsea Bower 4CB

Co-workers: Emma, Abby, Tom, Sam, Archie and Murphy

Where I work: bench, table, couch, bed

Work snacks: nuts and lots of coffee's

Music to motivate me: the music of my teenagers (I have no choice)

What I like about working from home: the company of my furry friends

What I miss: the kids and workmates



Andie Youren PAY

Co-workers: My old dog Soda, (she snores) and my Easter chocolate bunny

Where I work: outside on a nice day otherwise kitchen table close to kettle and fridge

Work snacks: coffee, sakatas, grapes and cheese slices

Music to motivate me: tunes from the 80’s

What I like about working from home: not packing 3 bags to bring things to school everyday and fresh lunch

What I miss: work mates, children and exercise class   


Jeanette Davies (Office)

Co-workers: Sarge (but he likes to sleep on the job!)

Where I work: On my dining room table (that belonged to my Grandma)

Work snacks:  Coffee, Toast & Chocolate.

Music to motivate me: Anything with a good beat.

What I like about working from home: I can spend more time with Sarge

What I miss: My Co Workers (Yes I miss you all) The children especially the Preps when they bring up their beautiful work to show Ms James, and the parents.  The sounds of the school.


Craig Kendall (Office)

Co-workers: Leo

Where I work: Boring…in the study!

Work snacks: Everything in the fridge and pantry

Music to motivate me: Spinal Tap

What I like about working from home: So quiet

What I miss: Toilet paper