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Some of wonderful work

being done at home

The Lorax by Leo Y PJC


Igloo for Iggy. By Caleb PSS



He has been Learning about the letter 'i' and listened to a story called Iguana on Ice.

Making Groups of 7 from things around the house by Franco H PAY


Captain Underpants 

By Charlie M 4VM  

Mr Krupp: I think he is a meany because he shouts and makes people cry in the show, books and movie. He thinks he’s such a hotshot because he’s the principal of the school. I think he’s greedy because he doesn’t let people in the art room or music room and doesn’t let people outside play☹.

CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS: He’s very joyful about everything so I think he’s mostly happy. I think he’s weird and funny at the same time because when George and Harold were carrying the eggs back to the treehouse, Captain Underpants demanded that he should hold one. George let him hold one but said not to do anything silly with it but he did the opposite of that. He licked the egg until it was warm ewwwwwwwwwwwwww which I thought was disgusting but funny at the same time 😊

So that’s what I think about the two characters and their feelings.

(a Reading task related to understanding characters'emotions)

My Autumn flower from the shapes game. By Lucy 4VM


This was a task completed using pattern blocks in a Cool Maths website game  - she then took a screen shot and sent it.

My Positive Self Talk Flower was a Mindfulness task. By Sankara 4VM


Paper plane was a Mindfulness task....make and fly.  By Ashton 4VM


 Lachie VR 4CB 



Allegra B 4CB


Patricia G 4CB


All work reproduced with permission of parents.