Education Week 

Education Week at Miners Rest K-6

Now in its 77th year, Education Week aims to positively profile and celebrate the strengths and achievements of Victoria's government education sector.

Education Week 2021 will run from 23-29 May and the theme is 'Building Connections'. The theme celebrates the connections between schools and local communities and strengthens bonds with families and carers.

Education Week is an opportunity for all primary and secondary schools, higher education, and early childhood services to showcase how they are building connections with the community around them. 

During Education Week, the students will be working in small groups to create a diorama of an area of the new school. As well as being a fun cooperative activity that builds connections with students across a range of year levels, the finished products will form a colourful and artistic display in various areas of the new site next term.

As advertised in the newsletter calendar, on Monday May 31 students and staff warmly invite all parents, guardians, relatives and friends to visit your child’s classroom from 2.20-3.20 pm. This will not only strengthen the home school connection, but will be a great opportunity for the students to showcase the excellent work they have been doing at school. The completed dioramas will look amazing too!

We would love to see as many families as possible on the day as the children get such joy and sense of achievement showing off their learning. 


Due to the recent Melbourne outbreak, all adults must carry a mask and use it where social distancing cannot be maintained. Therefore, when visiting classrooms on Monday, masks must be worn. Currently there is a limit of 40 persons per classroom which includes students. Teachers will be monitoring numbers and may ask that some visitors wait outside until others leave the room.

Entry to classrooms is to be only through external doors, not through the large gallery doors. All visitors must sign in using the QR code on the door before entry. Any visitors who don’t have a smart phone must come to the office and sign in manually.