English and Humanities

Year 7 Humanities' Walk Through Time




Walking through the Year Seven classrooms this week you may have felt that you had been transported through time, back to an ancient civilisation. Our learning space has been embellished with some fantastic exhibition pieces hand made by the year sevens as a culmination of their learning about the ancient world.   There was a huge variety of artefacts on display and even more impressive was the creative way in which students had chosen to put together their models. Students got to see pyramids made with hand-drawn bricks, real sand, clay, paper and paints. There were several 2D and 3D representations of the Parthenon and other ancient Greek buildings.   Famous people of the ancient world were brought to life including Pharaoh Tutankhamen and students got to see the diet of an Ancient Chinese person laid out on a plate for them. Students created boats from the Nile river and several Great Wall of China models were on display.  The stand out exhibition piece was presented by Arelyna Singh from St Maria Goretti. Her huge depiction of a shore side scene from Ancient Egypt drew both applause and awe from her fellow year sevens. Arelyna used many different types of materials including foam board, silicone, popsicle sticks, paints, clay, tiles and much more to create her informative diorama. She even researched, 3D printed and hand-painted all the small battle figures. Compliments to the year seven students for their impressive efforts on their exhibition task. A high level of learning was showcased through all the artefacts. 


Year 7 Humanities Team