Materials Technology

Fashion Classes WOW Audience on the Jungle Catwalk




The biennial Art and Technology Show titled ‘Into the Jungle’ showcased amazing student works from the Art, Visual Communication, Food Technology, Materials, Information Technology and Textiles Learning Areas.  Textiles students’ creative work included: soft toys, boxer shorts and  undresses, storyboards, fashion drawing and mood boards. These were on display along with a  cheeky chameleon or two, vibrant toucans and parrots in colourful jungle-themed display.  The audience was treated to music from the school jazz band and delicious delicacies  from the hospitality class as they meandered through all the displays of our talented  students work.  The evening then changed the beat as the Year 9 Music students did a beautiful  rendition of “In the Jungle “ to introduce the VET VCE students’ Fashion Parade. The  theme this year was ‘Jungle Jive’ and Mr Graham Pierce wrote and read a poem to  introduce each segment.  The wild group of Year 12 students set the tone with a beautifully choreographed  segment flaunting tribal collars and belts the VET students made during transition. The year 10 students then paraded their summery sundresses on theme of Botanica. Next came a flock of colourfully clad models who wore infinity tops, pencil skirts and tutu overlays that were inspired the birds of the jungle. From birds to horses, the Year 11 class were challenged to construct a garment for our iconic horse race, the models strutted these down the catwalk in true Melbourne cup style.  We then, hit the jungles of South America, inspired by the Escaramuza, the students designed dresses that were at once sustainable and yet extended their sewing skills. The models made dramatic entrances to Spanish guitar swirling their dresses like the matadors’ cloaks. The evening ended with the ‘Midnight in the Jungle gala’ dresses. The models swooned on the catwalk highlighting the details of their gowns. These  models were also involved in a photo shoot to showcase the VET students sewing skills, along with the other models in the parade. The students have many opportunities in textiles to draw from inspiration, one of these was attending the Bendigo Gallery recently to view the magnificent Balenciaga exhibit.


Anna Miha, VET Fashion Teacher