As Term 1 comes to an end, it has been pleasing to reflect on the terrific start to the year made by English students and staff. Following on from 2020, our VCE staff have reflected on our Year 12 data to inform our direction for 2021, creating new resources and curriculum plans to further improve teaching and learning practices.


Students have enjoyed a range of extracurricular activities including performances of Macbeth at Year 10, Medea at Year 11 and Extinction for Year 12 EAL. Our Year 7s have quickly immersed themselves in the McKinnon English program, engaging in units undertaken in class and making the most of opportunities such as Book Club and Writer Of The Month (see winners below).


As we enter Term 2, students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities provided to explore their passion of reading and writing. In particular, keep an eye out for an exciting new competition for the best spellers in the school.


Finally, don’t forget to maintain reading levels over the break.


Have a safe and productive break. Read critically and write freely.


Sam Florence

English KLA Manager


Well done to the many talented students who entered Writer of the Month in March. 


HUGE congratulations to: Mahathi Mahesh (Year 8B), Romani Parrish (Year 8F), Caitlyn Sin Mew Cheung (Year 8I), Hailey Ung (Year 8L), Rowan Gadhia (Year 7E), Ava McLaughlin (Year 7O) and Lisa Phan (Year 7O).



These students have each won a $30 voucher from Benn’s Books and gained 50 points for their house. You can read their wonderful pieces on the ‘WOTM’ Google site HERE




Entries for the April competition need to be shared with your English or Literature teacher no later than 3:30pm, Monday 26 April. 


Keep up the fantastic writing, McKinnon students!


Ms Liz Pentland

Writer of the Month Coordinator