Bookings can now be made for our Term 2 Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences. These will take place over two days on Tuesday 27 and Thursday 29 April. Teachers will be available for 5 minute conservations between 8:30am and 4:30pm. Given the success of last year's remote interviews, we will again be using Google Meet rather than being onsite. Normal classes will not run on these two days; teachers, however, will be leaving lesson plans on Compass. This ensures students have work to go on with when they are not attending their online interviews.  


These interviews make a significant contribution to maximising students’ academic performance as we celebrate student success and discuss strategies for further improvement. Please note that these conversations complement the feedback provided through Learning Tasks and Progress Reports, so ensure you have accessed this information in Compass prior to attending the interviews.


Families are reminded that all students should be in full winter uniform from the beginning of Term 2. School blazers must be worn to and from school. It is also important to note that nail polish and facial piercings are not acceptable at school. Please note the only type of socks boys may wear are grey school socks. Thank you to all families for your continued support of our uniform policy.


We always expect students to behave appropriately when online. Recently we have been informed of incidents where individuals have used social networking sites such as Instagram to post offensive and harmful material. Please discuss with your child their online presence, including the risks associated with creating online 'friendships' with individuals they don't know in person. In addition, creating an online presence/profile that permits anonymous postings is extremely risky and should be strongly discouraged. 


We have also been advised that a number of students are communicating online using Discord - this is a platform that many parents may not be aware of. Again, please remind your child about the importance of communicating in a respectful and positive way when online. Whilst we recognise that online interaction is a big part of students' lives, we want to ensure they are also safe and responsible users of such technology. Online harassment can not only cause great damage to students' self-esteem, it is unlawful. 


For further support in this matter, please refer to the schools advice around Cyber Safety Information for Parents


We wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday period and look forward to seeing all the students back Term 2.