We have indeed come to the end of a very busy term. The first full term in over a year.


Staff and students are exhausted but very pleased to have been “face to face” all term.


I am always grateful for everyone’s effort and could not be more pleased with the tremendous learning and opportunities afforded to our students.


Our staff are a blessing to each and every one of us. So I say thank you to them from everyone for a terrific term. Their collective dedication, commitment, professionalism and passion was again obvious and much appreciated.


During COVID-19 lockdown teachers, educational support staff and schools were recognised for their importance, so I never want us to lose sight of this gratitude. To each of our staff I thank you for the difference you have made to the students in your care.


McKinnon is a world champion in Language Learning!


Thank you to all staff and students for supporting the 2021 Languages World Championships.


McKinnon was:

  • 1st overall globally
  • 1st overall in Australia (out of 1,231 schools)
  • 1st overall in Victoria (out of 304 schools)
  • 1st overall in the 1001-2500 student category (out of 133 schools)
  • 1st in Australia for the 1001-2500 student category (out of 92 schools)

This is a wonderful achievement and I would like to acknowledge and thank Ms Fowler and Mr Chamontin for organising this annual event.  I also thank the dedicated language team, Ms Dickson, Ms Lynd, Mrs Carmen Jimenez, Mrs Reid, Ms Paal and Mr Nutting for their support and encouragement of students all week.



Next term we begin the expectation of full winter uniform.


Please make sure your son/daughter has the correct uniform and that it still “fits them” (If you have financial difficulties that are impacting on your ability to provide your son/daughter with the correct uniform please do not hesitate to contact me).


Remember in Term 2 & 3 a blazer is a non-negotiable. The sport jacket must only be worn for PE/Sport.


Thank you in advance for your support.


On Friday 26 March, four of our students were invited to the MCG where they were recognised for their outstanding achievements in Sport.


The following students received the Sporting Blues and Outstanding Achievement in Sport Awards which is the highest accolade awarded by School Sport Victoria:

  • Will Kay (Year 11) Volleyball (Sporting Blue)
  • Connor Hayes (Year 11) Squash (Sporting Blue)
  • Lewis Sellinger (Year 10) Cricket (Sporting Blue)
  • Tara Bajan (Year 12) Dance (Outstanding Sporting Achievement)

I congratulate the students and applaud their efforts and thank Michael Kan who attended the presentations on my behalf.


The national conversation has indeed infiltrated our school community. There is much debate and conversation around issues of consent, gender, equality, sexual assault and respectful relationships.


We have taken this opportunity to review our program, policies and processes.


The leadership team, school wellbeing team and student leaders are working together to ensure our educational programs are successful and that our young people are fully aware and understanding of respectful relationships, consent and inclusiveness.


The programs that are booked in for students this year are as follows:


Year 7 and 8: 

Family Planning Victoria


Year 9: 

Elephant Education Program 


Year 10 - 12: 

1. Sex Education Australia, Respectful Relationships, Sex and the Law and Consent.

2. Info Session with Victoria Police and the McKinnon Student Wellbeing Team. 


We have also organised some sessions with the Victorian Police to ensure students understand legal definitions, processes of reporting and supports that are available.


Year 10:

Tomorrow man and Tomorrow Woman: Focusing on healthy concepts of masculinity and femininity. 


Parent Session: All year levels

Sex Education Australia. Focus on how to support families to have conversations about respectful relationships and consent.


We indeed want all our young people to be happy, healthy and safe.


Four buses leave in the second week of the holidays heading for Alice Springs and various stops along the way to the Northern Territory.


I wish all the students and staff going a most enjoyable time and know many wonderful memories will be created.


Thank you to Ms Douglas, Ms Same and Ms Jobson for their organisation of this trip and I thank the staff attending for their willingness to participate.


We have held a most successful Year 7 camp.


The year level was split into two groups over two weeks and this has indeed been a very successful strategy.


I congratulate the Year 7 Leadership team, Mr Rood, Ms Brown, Ms Andrieux, Mr Farthing, Ms Schmidt and Mr Quinn for all their work to ensure the camp was successful and rewarding.



I thank staff, students and parents for their support during what has been a very busy but successful Term 1.


I hope everyone enjoys valuable time with family and friends.