The McK Chess Grand Prix tournament (running from March to May) has just got past its half-way point with five rounds completed in Term 1. 


After about 100 games of chess played among 48 active participants, the Grand Prix ladder is taking shape with Anthony Duong (Year 10D) currently two points ahead of second-placed Timothy Nicolaides (Year 9G) who is a further two points ahead of a group of five players (Jonathan Kui (Year 9C), Jake Anderson (Year 10A), Will Richter (Year 11K), Sam Potter(Year 11J) & Alex Do (Year 7E)) who are all on equal points.



Given that there are no more than 10 points separating the top 20 players, and a maximum of 15 more points still available in the final few rounds to be played in Term 2, the competition for the ultimate prize is definitely not over. To check out the latest results and match-day photos, go to the official McK Chess GP website: 


Sandy Law

2021 McK Chess GP


On Monday 22 March, group 1 left for camp. It felt like forever and a day to finally arrive but it was definitely worth the wait!


This camp was a great opportunity for students to try new things, have fun, and more importantly, build new friendships! Even though many students were concerned about the cabin and activity groups, many of them were able to make new friends outside of their friendship groups. Overall, we spent three days and two nights at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort. 

We got to participate in a wide variety of fun activities such as canoeing, flying fox, high ropes, raft making, swimming, giant swing and more! There were many challenging activities such as the giant swing and high ropes but with some encouragement from teachers and staff, those who were brave enough gave it a go and ended up loving it. Although the weather wasn’t the best, many students and teachers showed a lot of perseverance and most people got over it with a positive attitude. 

Before we knew it, our time to leave the camp had come and everyone was forced to say their goodbyes. This camp was truly a memorable one and a great way for Year 7s to end their first term at McKinnon Secondary College.


A special thank you to all of the amazing teachers and staff for organizing this extraordinary camp. It was honestly an unforgettable experience and was undoubtedly one of the best camps that I have ever been to.


Cheryl Ngo

Year 7P



Along with over 100 other students from around Australia (25 of those being chosen from Victoria) Patrick Gallagher (Year 12) attended this convention in the highly regarded Windsor Hotel with the idea of possibly changing the preamble. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the students were unable to travel to Canberra where the constitution would normally be held and instead joined other “hubs” across Australia via zoom from Windsor Hotel in Melbourne.


Over the course of two days, student groups from all states and territories were listening to guest speakers from law or political backgrounds to consider what should be involved in a preamble including values such as service, equality, reconciliation and the Commonwealth. Whilst many of us had vastly different ideas on a possible, new preamble, we, as a country chose and refined one.


All participants finally held their referendum, which is required when changing the constitution. With a surprising “YES” response, Australian students voted to alter (metaphorically) the constitution with a new preamble. However, this rarely happens with only 8 out of the 44 Australian referenda having passed with a double majority “YES” vote.



Patrick reported back on a great experience during these two days being able to speak with students from all over Australia, political representatives such as the Governor General of Victoria and seeing the students’ communique acknowledged by the President of the Senate, Hon Scott Ryan. This great opportunity gave Patrick a deeper understanding of Australian democracy and the constitution. We congratulate Patrick on his effort and for representing the school in this national event.  


Andrea Fowler