The first NCSS Challenge of the year finished on Sunday 21 March. This five week challenge really tests the student’s resilience and determination as the weeks progress. The challenges get increasingly more difficult as the weeks go on so it is a really big achievement to make it to the end. 


The following students should be recognised for their outstanding efforts:

  • Linh Nguyen (Year 11), Intermediate Level - Perfection
  • Anik Musthyala (Year 7), Newbies Level - High Distinction
  • Sandy Wei (Year 7), Newbies Level - High Distinction
  • Austin Martiniello (Year 7), Beginners Level - Perfection
  • Ella Yang (Year 8), Beginners Level - Perfection
  • Obert Han (Year 8), Beginners Level - Perfection
  • Maleesha Dharmadasa (Year 7), Beginners Level - High Distinction
  • Julian Min (Year 9), Beginners Level - High Distinction

Shirley Munro

ICT Learning Area Manager


Students in Year 10 Information Systems have been learning about Binary Systems and Algorithms during Term 1. Students are now learning how to code using Python. 


Congratulations to the following students who have completed their Introduction to Python Course:

  • Zac Ha 
  • Matthew Kwong 
  • Ryan Kaminsky 
  • Maggie Zhou 
  • Prarthana Agarwal 

These students along with others are now working towards a Level 2 Certificate in Python. 


Next term they will undertake a second language such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Frank Russo

Math and ICT Teacher