International Students

International Students


Art of Culture Photography Competition

As part of the International Student Forum, our student representatives have been promoting multiculturalism through a friendly competition this term.  

All students are welcome, and we would love to see everyone share their own perspectives through their personalised photos that surround the theme of CULTURE

The winner of each category below will be selected:   

  • The most creative (editing and subject placements)   
  • The best camera technique (show us your talents!)   
  • The most unique (give us something we have never seen before!)

Submissions were due last Friday and we have had some wonderful entries. One winner will be chosen from each category. Special Prizes will be given to these 3 winners. 


Stay tuned to find out the winners!


Big shout out to our International Student Forum representatives Berry Eain, Jenny Le, Che Cai and Nathan Cheung. They have been working tireless since Term 1 to make it happen.


Sally Huang

Director International Student Program

Homework Club Update

In this term, the Homework Club for international students runs every Thursday. In the past two weeks, students watched a movie - Inside Out. 

Inside Out is a movie centering on the story of Riley Andersen, a 11-year-old girl who has just moved to San Francisco. Riley’s emotional world has been shaken because of the change. Riley’s five emotions, including Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger, live in headquarters and control how Riley feels. The five emotions try to help Riley restore her key memories and her “personality” islands and cope with her new life.


This movie reminds students the importance of recognising, respecting, validating, and processing our own complex and fluid emotions. In addition, emotions aren’t either good or bad, but each emotion has its function in life. 


Students enjoyed the movie, and they shared their reflections after watching the movie. Students learned to be kind to themselves and give themselves a chance to work through the various emotions. They understand that they should respect and acknowledge all our emotions, sit with that feeling and make a wise choice to engage with these emotions. 


Some students also highlighted the importance of focusing on things we love and enjoy in our lives and remembering that they are loved by someone.


Sok Man (Louisa) LEI

Wellbeing Team Placement Student 

Students Reflections on INSIDE OUT

For the first and second session of International Student Homework Club, the students where been presented with movie: INSIDE OUT, which is a nearly two hours’ time-length film. The students have been strongly impressed by the movies. Let’s see their reflections: 



It is an interesting movie. My feelings are:
- Be optimistic instead of being pessimistic 
- When you are in trouble, think about the good things. 
- Have confidence in yourself;
- Be more considerate of others
- Don’t look down on others because no matter how weak people are, they can do great things.
- Perseverance to succeed
- Be careful

By Esther AIXINJUELUO, Year 7



This movie is talking about everyone’s emotion. When we are doing something, “the smaller person” in our mind has a job to control our emotion. “the smaller persons” in our mind can control our sadness, worry, anger and happiness.  It also tells us if you have trouble, don’t give up, as there is always something good behind the trouble.

By Peter XUE, Year 7



This movie was about emotions. There is joy, sadness, fear, disgust, anger and lastly up and down in our motions. There are things called core memories. It is an important memory. Throughout the movie, there was a sad core memory and joy was feeling weird because there is a sad core memory so while sadness tried to put it in the middle and joy tried to stop sadness from putting the core memory in the middle and there is a machine that collects all the memory and stores it, but sadness and joy got sucked into the machine and they are in the memory store area, which is a big problem if joy is not there, Riley will get angry and sad, so joy and sadness have to go back to the headquarters to make  Riley happy. We know we are having all motions in stored. We can’t only have joy and happiness in our life journey.

By Alex Park, Year 7

Could you be a

Homestay Provider?

Doncaster Secondary College is currently refreshing our list of Homestay Providers for our International Student Program.


You must be able to speak English fluently, willing to help the student(s) adjust to life in Australia and improve their English through a variety of means. Some of our current hosts provide daily conversation, homework assistance, watching Australian television and reading through an English novel or magazine together. You will act in a semi-parental role and keep the school informed about any welfare issues. As a host of a student under 18, you and all your family members who are over 18 will need a Working with Children’s Check (WWWC). You will also be given lots of support from school and Director of International Student Program.

We need homes within walking distance or with good transport access to the school and students must have their own room, furnished with bed, cupboard/wardrobe, desk, chair and lamp. 


The benefits to you are that you can share in the life of a young person, playing a role in their successes in life and learn more about the world.  The payment for their accommodation is generous.


Please contact me at if you have any questions or would like an application form.


Sally HUANG 

Director of International Student Program 

Doncaster Secondary College

Phone: 9848 4677