On Friday 18th of March, families of our Year 7 students were invited to come and celebrate some of the activities and events that occurred in Term 1. The occasion was held outside our Hands on Learning facility with the food prepared by the team. We had a great turnout and the families were able to listen to a small group of students who spoke beautifully in front of the gathering. The remainder of the Year 7 cohort then came out to enjoy the sun and introduce friends and teachers to their families. It was a great event and was lovely to hear from our emerging public speakers in Year 7 and enjoy an opportunity to talk with each other in a social environment. A big thanks to the following students for speaking at the event:

  • Maggie Roberts
  • Aleksander Hughes
  • Georgia Camilleri
  • Amber Taylor
  • Deacon Mungean
  • Harrison Drake

Mr Lawson 

Year 7 Coordinator