Student voice is one of our College priorities and involves students actively participating and contributing to decision making within our school. Each year a Student Leadership Group is selected from students across all year levels to represent our student body. Students in this group meet regularly with staff and are a valued voice within our school community. 

 Our 2022 Student Leadership Group has now been finalised and on Monday 4th April, we celebrated these students in a badge presentation ceremony. Students were presented with their respective badges for the year which were presented by the grade 6 leaders from Mount Eliza Primary School, Mount Eliza North Primary School and Kunyung Primary School.


Congratulations Abbey Bradley & Claire Howlett


Student nameYear levelRole
Mia Jordan7Ambassador 
Harrison Drake7Ambassador 
Lily Abbott7Ambassador 
Luke Abbott7Ambassador 
Milla Pukarinen8Ambassador 
Olivia Harrison8Ambassador 
Jedd Anderson8Ambassador 
Lily Marx8Ambassador 
Amelia Rix8Ambassador 
Flynn O’Day9Ambassador 
Ben Smith9Ambassador 
Jasmin Little 10Ambassador 
Lizzie Abeling10Ambassador 
Freya Hollingsworth10Ambassador 
James Richards11Ambassador 
Chelsea Rix11Ambassador 
Hayley Richards11Ambassador 
Abbey Bradley12School Captain
Claire Howlett12School Captain
Ella Pascoe12Communications Leader
Kaitlyn Meyers12Communications Leader
Parker Lange-Ward12VCAL Leader
Paige Sloane12VCAL Leader
Campbell Moore12House Captain- Manyung
Jess Ward12House Captain- Kirrang
Grace Emond12House Captain- Kimmuli
Sophie Curtin12House Captain- Warringa


Congratulations to all members of the Student Leadership Group of 2022!

Brooke Davies

Student Leadership Coordinator