From the Principal

Rather than reflecting on the Gospel this week, I am sharing with you all a beautiful blessing for Fathers as written by John O'Donahue:  To Bless The Space Between Us.  




The longer we live,

The more of your presence

We find, laid down,

Weave upon weave

Within our lives.


The quiet constancy of your gentleness

Drew no attention to itself,

Yet filled our home

With a climate of kindness

Where each mind felt free

To seek its own direction.


As the fields of distance

Opened inside childhood,

Your presence was a sheltering tree

Where our fledgling hearts could rest.


The earth seemed to trust your hands

As they tilled the soil, put in the seed,

Gathered together the lonely stones.

Something in you loved to inquire

In the neighborhood of air,

Searching its transparent rooms

For the fallen glances of God.


The warmth and wonder of your prayer

Opened our eyes to glimpse

The subtle ones who

Are eternally there.


Whenever, silently, in off moments,

The beauty of the whole thing overcame you,

You would gaze quietly out upon us,

The look from your eyes

Like a kiss alighting on skin.


There are many things

We could have said,

But words never wanted

To name them;

And perhaps a world

That is quietly sensed

Across the air

In another’s heart

Becomes the inner companion

To one’s own unknown.



Year 9 Forum: there will be a great more detail in our next newsletter but I wish to thank and congratulate the Year 9s for their very enagaging and educational presentations last night. I thank also Ms Donna Brunt, Ms Emma Sadler and Ms Claire Cook, along with all of the Year 9 staff, for their assistance in preparing such a wonderful evening. I also thank all of the parents who attended and showed their support for the work being done by our amazing Year 9 students.


Year 10 Work Experience: as we have come to expect, we have recieved outstanding feedback from the work places where our Year 10s have completed their week of work experience. I thank Ms Zoe Anderson for her organisation of the week and congratulate all Year 10s who represented themselves, their families and our community in such a positive way.


Sally Buick