Round 14 - Friday 2nd September 2022


Greenhills VS Yarrambat – AWAY

9.30am-10.30am approx.Aussie Rules FootballPlenty War Memorial Park - TBC
NetballYarrambat PS
SoccerYarrambat PS
Softball Boys/MixedYarrambat War Memorial Park
Softball GirlsYarrambat War Memorial Park


Green Parkways (GHB) VS Apollo Parkways B - HOME 

9.30am-10.30am approx.Aussie Rules FootballWhatmough Park
SoccerGreensborough Park
Softball Boys/MixedGreensborough Park
Softball GirlsGreenhills PS



Massive shout out to Heidi K (4BJ) who represented TeamVic at last week’s SSA National Cross Country Championships in Adelaide. 


Amazingly, Heidi finished first in her 2km race, in a time of 7:25 - making her the National Champion! This is an unbelievable result and reward all her hardwork and dedication. 


Well done, Heidi! The whole Greenhills community is incredibly proud of this result and can’t wait to see what you achieve in the future.



Congratulations to all students who participated at last week’s District Athletics Carnival. Irrespective of the results achieved, everyone should be proud of themselves - for not only their performance, but more importantly, for the manner in which they represented Greenhills in accordance with the school's values. 


Special mention to the below students who finished 1st or 2nd in their event/s, and will now compete at next week’s Divisional Carnival. 

  • Ethan A (5JR)
  • Ivy B (5JR)
  • Cooper B (5JR)
  • Alannah G (6BS)
  • Archie G (4TW)
  • Jack H (6BS)
  • Stella H (5RE)
  • Koda K (6BS)
  • Tyler K (6BS)
  • Ruby L (3MH)
  • Sophie M (3MH)
  • Ella N (5JR)
  • Angus S (6BS)
  • Alanah VL (6BS)





Congratulations to Chloe L (3MH) who finished first, for her level, at the Jetts Gymnastics Club Championships. 


Well done and keep up the GREAT work, Chloe!

If your child achieves something special (grand final win, most valuable player award, best and fairest etc.), please email me ( through photos and an overview of the achievement to post in Contact. It is important to celebrate and recognise such successes with the school community.



Greenhills Primary School is involved in the Rebel Community Kickbacks Program


What can you do to help Greenhills primary School benefit from this program?

Staff, family and friends can link the school to their Rebel Active Loyalty Program account and instantly start earning credits.     



Thank you, 

Jordan Daley





Why dads matter - by Shona Hendley 

Father’s Day can be a tricky occasion for some families, especially for those who don’t have a father who is present in their life because of family breakdown, or a geographical distance which may not allow them to be close by. There are also those of us who have lost a father, or who are being raised by single mums who are both mum and dad to their kids. This too can impact how our kids view ‘dad’ and what he means to them. Other family structures exist where dad is not present either, and this can complicate Father’s Day further.

The reality is that dads, when present and safe, take different shapes and forms. And research shows that kids thrive when dad is that positive, safe presence in their lives.

Over the past few decades, research has shown us that dads (and other male role models like teachers, coaches, church leaders, uncles, grandpas, and more) matter. Enormously. Their positive impact cannot be understated or waved away. And research also tells us that dads (and those other male role models) are stepping up and presenting that positive and active presence in their children’s lives.

Why do dads matter?

Having involved fathers, however they might look to you and your family, has a lasting effect on their children’s lives, for the better.

Firstly, dads engagement can help kids achieve better results at school, help increase their self-esteem and even reduce the risk of delinquency, substance abuse and other high-risk behaviours in kids. Known as the ‘father effect’ – this umbrella term describes these and the many other benefits of a paternal presence, a presence who values and prioritises quality time.

Secondly, these dads matter because their influence, attention, nurturing, and affection help promote children’s social and emotional development. They set up a healthy relationship with their children, allow for emotional growth and help develop positive health and wellbeing. And they provide a model of healthy masculinity for their kids; the kind of masculinity that helps those around them feel safer and stronger.

Third, there is a sense of acceptance and security that fathers can help provide which not only help our kids in the short term but continues as they move into adulthood as well. This protective presence can come from both parents but seems particularly present with actively and positively engaged fathers.

Fourth, engaged fathers matter because they can also help our kids develop important life skills including respect, problem solving, empathy and social skills. They teach them about limits, consent, and responsibility. Researchers aren’t quite sure why or how, but these things seem to develop differently when dads are present versus when they’re not.

What does an engaged dad look like?

In TV talk, an engaged dad looks like everyone’s favourite blue heeler dad, Bandit from Bluey.

If you’ve watched the show, you’ll have seen that Bandit isn’t perfect. He can be dismissive now and then. He can say things that are challenging. But despite his imperfections (which we all have), Bandit listens to his children – their thoughts, their concerns, their dreams and their ideas. He encourages them, he challenges them, he shows an interest in them.

And Bandit talks to his children – he makes jokes, he reads books, he tells them about his day, he involves them in other parts of his life. He is verbally expressive with clear communication but without being controlling or belittling.

Bandit plays with his children – he kicks the footy in the backyard, or feeds the baby doll a bottle; he helps put together Lego or find the missing piece of a puzzle. He supports their interests, imagination, and growth. He helps set limits and boundaries and regulate emotions.

Bandit also supports his children – emotionally he helps navigate their problems or worries with them, he doesn’t dismiss them. Rather he guides them to solve problems or cope with disappointment themselves. He supports them physically– he watches their sports matches, or dancing recitals; he is their biggest supporter.

Bandit is a positive role model – he demonstrates values that he wishes to instil within his own child/ren. He is honest and shows integrity. But he’s not perfect. He makes mistakes – because he is human and when he does, he will own them and will say sorry.

He grows alongside his kids – as his children get older and mature, his relationship with them evolves with it. They learn about each other and grow and feel confident and secure in their relationship together. He values self-care – he has time for himself and ensures his own wellbeing and health is prioritised too because without this, he can’t be his best self.

All dads are different but equally important

These qualities of an engaged dad aren’t a checklist that dads need to tick off. Every dad will be different and that is okay. What’s important is that dads are there for their kids and want to grow with them. That’s what life is. Growth. That is what our kids will notice the most and how they will know you matter… because you do!


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Spring Vacation Care! 

Greenhills OSHClub are finally back running Vacation Care in September and we are super excited! We have so many fun days and activities planned including an excursion to Melbourne Zoo,  Kaboom Kids Sports Incursion and a day all about making the best Cookie! If you would like more information on these days or our other great themed days these holidays, ask our staff in service or feel free to contact us via phone or email! If your children would be interested in the fun we will be having this Spring at OSHClub please book via the iParent Portal or by contacting us on 0437 928 183 or 


Sandcastle Madness!

Recently at OSHClub the children have been enjoying the sand pit and building all different creations, from sand castles, villages and even using it for long jump! The children used fantastic team work and communication when building their sandy creations and were very proud of what they were able to make. Hands on activities are always popular with the children at Greenhills OSHClub with cooking on a Monday and any time that we make slime or build with clay being a very popular day. Throughout Vacation Care there will be many opportunities for the children to get their hands dirty creating something great, including a Clay modeling incursion!


Goodbye Melissa, for now! 

Our educator Melissa will be away from the service for the next few months while she travels to Malaysia. Melissa’s last day was Wednesday the 24th of August, but she hopes to be back in service soon! Melissa will be sorely missed in the time she is away, but the service team and the children wish her a great time away and hope to see her back in service soon! 



If you need to make a booking, please do so through the iParent Portal or contact the service on 0437 928 183 or Greenhills OSHClub is open 6:45-9:00am for Before-School Care, 3:00-6:30pm for After-School Care and 6:45am-6:30pm for Vacation Care/Pupil Free Days. 


OSHClub Service Phone: 0437 928 183  

OSHClub Service Email:

Coordinator: Jordan Martin  

Educators: Jorja Sullivan, Melissa Ong

OSHClub Head Office: 1300 395 735 or 


All families must be enrolled to attend the service, remember this is FREE!! Please create an account online at All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via the iParent Portal. 


Term 3 Week 8 - Presented at assembly Friday 15th September 2022 






EmrysPrep BHFor the amazing illustrations you are drawing to go with your descriptive writing. We all especially loved the one of the Big Bad Wolf. Emrys you are so talented!
Marley FPrep NDFor being such an enthusiastic writer this term. Marley loves writing stories filled with interesting descriptions and great sentence structure. Well done Marley!
Raanav SPrep SMFor the enthusiasm your have shown towards writing your first story! You have such creative ideas and have developed a very detailed main character. Well done Raanav!
Christopher H1JCI am so proud of all your efforts you put into number fluency each day. Keep it up you are becoming a maths superstar!
Knox H1KOFor the effort you show towards absolutely everything you! Knox, you are definitely a wonderful role model to everyone in our class. Keep up your enthusiasm - you are a star!
Izzy S1TSFor your enthusiasm for learning! It is so great to see you bounce through the door ready to learn. Well done on all your hard work and your dedication to your learning goals. Keep it up super star!
Harry T2JMFor your enthusiasm and bravery to try new things. Great work on asking more questions Harry, it's the best way to learn.
Arjun2LOFor your enthusiasm and effort during our numeracy lessons! Arjun, you are always eager to learn new skills and push yourself when it comes to maths, keep up the great work!
Georgia N2SHFor your awesome efforts, enthusiasm and energetic dance moves during our Production rehearsals! What a superstar you are, thanks for being such a great team member!
Molly G3AKMolly, I love the way you make connections to text with your own personal experiences, especially when it involves ‘horses’. Your knowledge and passion on this subject allows you to contribute in group discussions and create entertaining stories in your writing.
Charlotte D3RMFor being a reflective writer. Charlotte is able to find evidence of Powerful Writing Devices in her writing and is proud of the things she includes that makes her writing meaningful and interesting to read. Great work Charlotte!
Patrick N4BJFor the enthusiasm and spunk you bring to our production dance! Patty, I love the way you always try your best in every rehearsal and give it your all. Keep it up, Superstar! I can't wait to see you on stage!
Adara G4DSFor the EFFORT and ADVENTURE you demonstrated when making your Multiplication Fact video. You worked hard to prepare and did well to push through your nervousness of talking in front of a camera. Well done!
Callum O5BCFor displaying excellent work habits in class. Callum has begun starting work promptly and remains focused on the task. Keep up the great work!
Ella B5JRElla not only do you show great school values in the classroom with your learning but your development in your leadership role has come a long way. Keep up the great work.
Ollie W5REFor your work in understanding fractions and decimals. Ollie, you have worked hard to show your understanding of adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.
Koda K6BSKoda, you are a true leader inside and outside of the classroom. You strive to do and be your best, but the way you uplift and bring out the best in others is something special. Thank you for being an absolute Greenhills legend!
Autumn B6SMFor showing amazing grit with your BODMAS maths assessment. Autumn, I am so proud of the way you challenge yourself and never give up. Your positive attitude towards your learning is inspiring to those around you! Keep it up!