Careers News


Year 10 Job Seekers Program 2021

Earlier this week, a workshop focused on work experience was held for students who have chosen the opportunity to be part of this program. This workshop was designed to find what kind of jobs students may be suited to and interested in, as well as preparing them for work experience.  


Year 12 - University and Employment in 2022

This is the term where students applying to university must finalise on-time applications for UAC or QTAC, submit applications for early entry schemes, scholarships and some accommodation options.


It is very important to keep an eye on key dates and deadlines.


The Trial HSC examinations are very important, not only as part of the HSC assessment program but may also will be needed for some scholarship applications and early entry applications.  The college will use the Trial HSC results to assist in the evaluations of some early entry programs including the School Recommendation Scheme and some programs offered by specific universities.


For students seeking employment and apprenticeships, many positions for 2022 are now being advertised.  I am posting details of these in the Full time Jobs Google Classroom which students have been invited to join to see what is available.



Annual University Information Evening for Students and Parents/Guardians

This event is held each year for senior students and their parents/guardians to cover and answer questions regarding:

  • HSC and  ATARs
  • UAC and QTAC application processes
  • Educational Access Scheme
  • SRS/Early Entry Schemes
  • Dates & deadlines for 2021 and 2022
  • Cost of applying
  • Cost of studying at university
  • Scholarships and accommodation
  • Preferences & choosing courses

It will assist parents and guardians in knowing what is involved, what to expect, what has to be done and how they can assist their child who has university aspirations.


This year we are investigating doing an online webinar via Zoom and when details are finalised, an email will be sent to Year 11 and 12 parents.


Year 10 and Subject Selection for Years 11 and 12

I look forward to being part of the process this term to assist students with choice of subjects if they are continuing on to Year 11. Resources have been sent from various institutions which I will share with interested students and all students were given a 2021 Year 10 Careers Booklet earlier this year to help them with choices and decisions.


On Wednesday this week, Year 10 were able to collect a copy of the current Steps to Uni for Year 10 booklets produced by UAC (Universities Admission Centre).


Mrs Susan Barrett - Careers Adviser