NSW CCC Open Boys Football

On Tuesday 22 June the Open Boys' Football team travelled to CEX stadium to play against St John Paul College of Coffs Harbour. The boys were missing one of their best players Bradyn Boonstra with injury but were determined to give it their all. The game was a great spectacle with sides being evenly matched and a very high standard of play was evident, particularly the passing and ball control. All team members played well; Kilian Apen and William Alberton were outstanding. 


The game flowed from one end of the field to the other with St John Paul College scoring first and holding the lead until late in the game. Our boys were desperate to even the scores and some frenetic play resulted in a great goal to Nguyen Ngyuen to level the scores moments before the full time siren sounded. The game went into extra time and both teams had chances to seal the game. Midway through extra time  St John Paul College scored a goal to wrap up the game. Both teams should be congratulated on the way in which the game was played, including the entertaining manner in which it was played. 


A big thank you to the Lismore Diocese for organising the day. Thank you to Mr Shaun Nichols for driving the bus and Mr Ronny Rindo for coaching the team. 


The team included; William Albertson, Kilian Apen, Zack Cooke, Louis Johnson, Ben O’Connor, Tristian Reed, Ethan Ross, Jayden Scott, Jack Smith, Luke Stainton, Thomas Thompson, Edward Williams and Nguyen Nguyen.



New Procedures - Signing up for Sport 

If you wish to sign up for any sport run by MCC, please follow this procedure:

  1. Go to the back of the staffroom where the photocopiers are. On the window will be a list of sports available
  2. Next to this will be another sheet with spaces where you can put your name down. Write your name here.
  3. If there are more students signed up than positions available, then trials will be needed.
  4. After teams are finalised students will receive an invitation to the sporting event via Compass.

Mr  Brad Mitchell - Sport Coordinator