Leader of Student Wellbeing 

Welcome back to all our families to Semester 2


Tips for Year 12 - taking a balanced approach leading up to the HSC Trial Exams

Some ideas parents may wish to discuss with their child:

  • Saying ‘no’ to social outings in the lead up to exams
  • Switching off the phone when studying
  • Studying at times during the day when energy levels are the highest
  • Take a short break for every hour of study
  • Maintaining a healthy sleep pattern
  • Exercising once a day - a short walk to maintain focus and energy levels
  • Healthy diet - balanced and nutritious food, keep the fast food intake to minimum levels
  • Ask for help - from teachers, school counsellors or the Pastoral Care Team


A reminder to parents and guardians to contact the College for student absences on 6761 0800 or email: mccadmin@arm.catholic.edu.au .For planned absences over 10 days, parents are to contact the College where a form will be required to be completed before the leave commences. 


College Uniform

Students are still wearing their winter uniform. The main update to the winter uniform has been for girls wearing navy tights with skirts. Leaders of Student Care are currently contacting families if students are not complying with uniform requirements. 



On the SchoolTV Link there is an 8 minute presentation video from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, well renowned Australian Child Psychologist. Please take the time to view the material. You may find other useful resources on this site as well. 


Username: parent

Password: Parent2340!


SchoolTV Special Report - COVID Fatigue and Youth Mental Health


Pastoral Care Team

Each year group has a Leader of Student Care. The best way to contact a Leader of Student Care is through the College Office email mccadmin@arm.catholic.edu.au or by direct email to the relevant year leader.


Year 7 - Mrs Fiona O'Neill foneill@arm.catholic.edu.au

Year 8 - Mr Damian Kenniff dkenniff@arm.catholic.edu.au

Year 9 - Mrs Melissa Bearup mbearup@arm.catholic.edu.au 

Year 10 - Mr Bernie Williams bwilliams1@arm.catholic.edu.au

Year 11 - Mr Andrew Davy adavy@arm.catholic.edu.au

Year 12 - Mrs Melissa Lees mlees@arm.catholic.edu.au 

College Psychologists mccthrive@arm.catholic.edu.au


Mrs Sharon Stuart - Leader of  Student Wellbeing