Principal's Report 

Hello everyone,


Thank you for your ongoing support as we begin this semester of learning. We are fortunate to be operating on-site and continue to empathise with those in remote-learning mode.


Here are our ongoing improvement goals and focuses as we enter Term 3:

  • More students experiencing meaningful learning in calm classrooms, for 5 lessons each day.
  • More students arriving with necessary learning tools, ready to get quickly to work.
  • More students feeling cared for, valued and respected by students and staff.
  • Improved coherence of language and practice of both learning and wellbeing from staff and students.

Students will experience increased instructional coherence this term with a formal adoption of an Effective Lesson framework. More will be asked of students who have not been contributing to class learning teams, with a first focus on readiness for learning. We have now issued Chromebooks to all Year 9-12 students who did not have one. We have done this so we can emphasise that students who attend the College make a commitment to bring necessary learning tools and to show a regard for the learning of others and the work of staff. Teachers are using ‘Readiness for Learning’ chronicles to record when students don’t bring equipment or when they delay starting their learning. This will give us an opportunity to gather some data on students who can improve their commitment in these areas and on classes where we will need a collective effort. 


Leaders of Student Care will contact families when students repeatedly do not arrive ready for learning or when students repeatedly do not display an intent to get quickly to work. Students who show no inclination to assist with these improvement goals may be asked to reconsider their enrolment. Students who need extra support, including with organisation and preparation skills, will be given this support.


Please help us at home by emphasising the importance of being ready for learning and ready for the challenges and opportunities of each day. Take steps to ensure a charged Chromebook and other necessary equipment is taken to school if this intervention is required for a student.


As flagged last Term, three new staff have started at McCarthy. Kylie Mulholland is our Leader of Inclusion. She will lead the Inclusion Team and work with Student Support Teachers and Education Assistants to maximise access to curriculum and opportunity  for students with diverse and additional learning and wellbeing needs. Kaysha Gale is settled in as a Student Support Teacher on the Inclusion Team. In addition to supporting students with Personal Plans, part of her load will be given to assisting students and staff maintain and monitor Student Wellbeing, Behaviour and Mental Health Plans. Olivia Guilbert started this week as a PDHPE and Science teacher. Welcome to Kylie, Kaysha and Olivia. We are fortunate to welcome people of this capability during the current regional teacher shortage.


All the best for Term 3 and thank you in anticipation of your continued support.


Mr Rod Whelan - Principal