Library News

Throughout this year in the library we have been having fun revitalizing our library collection and our library space.   We are not only refreshing our spaces, we are also building our fiction book collection as we continually work to match our students’ interests with books of choice, at the right reading level.  Our goal is to ensure our students have the best opportunity to further their motivation, enrichment and love of reading for enjoyment and research.  


During the holiday period, the entire library was painted and freshly carpeted.  Our photos below tell the story.  Our students have been enjoying coming into the library with each new step on the way to our new look library.  There is still more to do. Our next step is to freshen up our soft furnishing and continue building our library spaces.  Below we are sharing some of the recent before and after photos of the library.


The spaces for senior students to use in Study periods has also been re-vamped with a new look Senior Study and re-arrangement of tables and chairs in the main part of the library.


The staff recently came in and helped us relaunch the library.  We were very happy that the staff gave the renovations the thumbs up.


Ms Libby Laird - Teacher Librarian