Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart School Community


As a result of the Premier's press conference earlier today, I wish to let you know that offsite learning will unfortunately continue for our students until Tuesday of next week. Whilst today's decision was not unexpected, it does not lessen our disappointment and sympathy for the challenges our families continue to face.


Our staff met this afternoon via the Zoom medium, to clarify learning expectations, the use of online materials for the next five days and the need to provide contact between students. As with last lockdown, I have asked teachers to organise a morning meeting with their class and an afternoon check in before the end of the day.



To organise appropriate supervision, I ask that if you are a permitted worker and your children cannot be appropriately supervised, that you email me by tomorrow morning to let me know about their attendance at school for the next five school days.




Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/teacher interviews were due to take place tomorrow, but will be rescheduled to next Wednesday 28th July. Whether our students are still working offsite, or are enjoying their first day back in the classroom, interviews will take place.  Teachers will arrange either a phone call or virtual meeting with times to be confirmed. In the event our students are back at school on this day, dismissal will be 3.20pm. I am sure that you would agree after a period of lockdown, that it would be inappropriate to expect our students to only have a half day as their first day back at school. All classroom teachers will be in contact with parents and guardians to organise interview times tomorrow.


School Review

Our first day of review was conducted yesterday with Dr Mary Lovelock evaluating our school policies on Child Safety and policies and procedures around the legal requirements of the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority. Mary meet with Liz, Kate and myself later in the day to confirm that we had meet all the legal requirements


Lastly, please be aware that this "special bulletin" will also act as this week's newsletter.



Mark Tierney



Can I reinforce the need for all families to download the skoolbag app as a means of communication and information.