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May is the month of Mary

The month of May is the month that Catholics have dedicated to Our Blessed Lady, Jesus’ mother, Mary. During this month Christians pray to Mary asking for guidance, love and support. One prayer that is prayed during May is The Rosary. When praying The Rosary, Catholics use special Rosary Beads to help them say their prayers. 

The Rosary is based upon events that occurred in the lives of Jesus and Mary; both happy and sad. Prayers that are part of the Rosary include the Our Father, The Hail Mary, The Glory Be, The Apostles Creed, Hail Holy Queen and The Fatima Prayer.

Pentecost Sunday


This Sunday, we celebrate Pentecost. This is the day that the Holy Spirit was sent to the disciples. The disciples felt the strong wind around them, had flames of fire dancing on their heads and were able to speak in many different languages. Pentecost is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter.


First Eucharist

We ask that you keep those children who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion in your prayers. May they know God’s love as they receive the Eucharist and become closer to God. The Sacrament of First Eucharist is on Sunday, 18th of June at 9am. 


Note: If your child is listed on the Compass event "First Eucharist" and you have not consented and paid please do so at your earliest convenience. 

If you intend for your student to receive the sacrament and have not attended an enrolment Mass, please contact Mrs Clarke as a matter of urgency.

Mini Vinnies - Wonder White Collection

Our Mini Vinnies group will again be co-ordinating the Wonder White promotion, collecting bread bags in order to keep soft plastics out of landfill. This initiative supports our Core Catholic Value of Stewardship of Creation, where we are called to care for all of creation. 

Please start collecting your empty bread bags and send them in to your class teacher. Our school can receive new sporting equipment via Wonder White, depending on how many bags we recycle.


National Simultaneous Story time

Yesterday was NSS 2023 and the story was The Speedy Sloth by Rebecca Young. The students really enjoyed this story and understood the themes of not giving up and always doing your best.


This is an annual event shared by hundreds of schools all around Australia. Thank you to the teachers for joining in the fun. Here are just a few snaps from yesterday's event.


Cameron Stelzer Merchandise has been delivered

We hope you are all enjoying your new books. If there are any concerns please contact Dr Cameron directly at

Claim the date

This year's Book Fair will be in term 4 from 13 October. Stay tuned!

1000 Before School Project

Calling all 2024 Kindergarten students....the 1000 Before School Project has begun for this year. Help your child be super prepared for school by reading as many picture books to them as possible before they start Kindergarten. 


Children’s author and reading advocate Mem Fox encourages parents to “read at least three stories a day; it may be the same story three times. Children need to hear a thousand stories before they can begin to learn to read. Or the same story a thousand times!”



To get started, simply see the ladies in the Office and they will get you going with a bag of books to take home and share. The sooner you start , the more stories to share.

Class Library days

Cycle A - ODD weeks

Monday:         3R and 3C

Tuesday:         3P

Wednesday:  All Yr 4

Thursday:      All Year 1

Friday:            All Year 2 and all Kindergarten - every week


Cycle B - EVEN weeks

Monday:         All Year 5


Wednesday:  All Year 6

Thursday:      All Year 1 and all Year 2 

Friday:            All Kindergarten - every week

St Edward's Library Clubs

The clubs include:

Early Bird Reading Club:  from 8.15am every day when each campus is open.

Monday:         Lego Club - Primary

Tuesday:         Games Club - Primary

Wednesday:  Lego Club or Craft Club - Primary

                          Born to Buzz About Books - fortnightly at Primary

Thursday:       Lego Club - Infants

Friday:             Games and Lego Club - Infants


Encourage your child to be a part of our busy, happy, vibrant library community by occasionally joining in with any or all of these activities. 

What day is the library open on each campus?

Primary:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week.

Infants:   Thursday and Friday every week.

Both campuses are open:

From 8.15am for Early Bird reading and sticker collecting; and Recess and Lunch in playtime for reading, drawing and various clubs.


See you in the Library,

Mrs Annie Madden

K-6 Teacher Librarian

Living Well, Learning Well


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