Sporting Achievements

Diocesan Swimming

The Diocesan team from O'Connor have put in an outstanding effort this year with all swimmers contending with a barrage of events in rapid succession. This year we had enough swimmers competing in the relay  to enter two teams into the event. Those relay teams came an honourable 2nd place and a well deserved 6th place. Many of our swimmers have placed such that they have qualified for the next level including a senior boys relay and a junior girls relay.

This year the O'Connor team walked away with 4 age champions awards. They were; Lachlan Fittler in the open boys, Mitchell Hayden in the 16 years boys, Liam Stuart in the 13 years boys and Emma Gray in the 12 years girls.

We are still waiting for the result of the 14 years girls as it was an especially competitive age group.

I would like to publicly thank the parents for taking the time to drive the students out to Moree and taking shifts on time keeping, Many thanks also go to the O'Connor students for the way they conducted themselves on the day. They would look out for each other in preparation for an event and were always very encouraging and supportive of their team mates. 



Armidale Dio Rugby League

Jake Betts, Ben Murphy, Dylan Sutton, Liam Northam and Benji Marshall were all selected in the Armidale Diocesan U15's Rugby League team after trials in Tamworth .

The boys will now play at the Northern Country NSWCCC selection trials at Smithtown on the 5th of April.









Women's Rugby League  Selection

Congratulations to  Kanaya Ahoy (Yr 11) who has been selected in the  Under 17 women's north 

west rugby league team.

Awesome  Effort !