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This is needed if you wish to enroll in Medicine, Dentistry, and Clinical Sciences at various National   Universities. Check the UMAT and University sites for more details.

Registrations for UMAT2017 are opening the first week of December. Copies of the Information Booklet can be downloaded from the UMAT website at Please note that before registering for the test students are required to carefully read the UMAT2017 Information Booklet, which is only available online from the UMAT website.

UMAT2017 Key Dates:

Registrations open First week in December 2016

Registrations close Friday 2 June 2017-5pm 

Late rego's close Friday 16 June 2017 - 5pm 

Applications for Special Testing Conditions close    Friday 16 June 2017

UMAT test date   Wednesday 26 July 2017

Results released  late September 2017

The only Identification documents accepted for UMAT 2017 are:

•        Current passport

•       Current photo-bearing driver's licence (full,                probationary or learner's permit)

•        Current photo-bearing Australian Keypass

•       Current photo-bearing Australian Proof of                  Age Card

•        Current photo-bearing New Zealand 18+ Card

Candidates who do not possess a current passport or driver's licence are strongly recommended to apply for a Keypass or Proof of Age Card as soon as possible, as some of these documents can take up to 1 month to obtain. Please note there is a Keypass Under-18 card for candidates under 18. No other forms of ID will be accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if a candidate is intending to use their driver's licence as identification and needs to renew or update their licence before the test date (for example changing from a learner's permit to a probationary licence or from a probationary licence to a full licence), they must ensure they allow adequate time to receive the new licence. A temporary licence without a photograph will not be accepted as identification at the test centre.

For further details, please refer candidates to the UMAT website. Candidates without correct identification will not be permitted to sit UMAT2017 and will be turned away from the test centre.


•    Candidates are now required to upload a passport style photograph of themselves when they register online. The photo will be printed on their Admission Ticket and Statement of Results and may be used by the universities during the interview process.

•    In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there is now a UMAT App available to download for free. The app includes some practice questions and information about the test day, and is a good resource for schools and parents as well as candidates.


Students are reminded of the following:

•    Candidates who do not complete their UMAT2017 registration by the close of late registrations will not be permitted to sit UMAT2017.

•    There are currently five practice tests available that can be completed online only. UMAT Practice Test 1 is included with the UMAT2017 registration. Additional Practice Questions 2 is a new practice test. In addition, candidates will have access to some free preparation videos once they complete their registration to sit UMAT2017.

•    Candidates must be in at least their final year of secondary schooling, or above, to be eligible to sit UMAT, i.e. they must be completing, or already have completed, Year 12 in 2017. Year 11 students or students completing Year 12 over two years are NOT permitted to sit UMAT. Candidates found to have sat UMAT in Year 11 will have their results cancelled and may not be allowed to sit UMAT again.

•    Candidates who have a disability or other health-related needs and who wish to apply for special testing conditions must do so by Friday 16 June 2017. This includes, for example, candidates who have diabetes and require food during the test.

•    Candidates registering for the Concession Registration Fee and/or unable to pay by credit card must return their proof of concession and/or money order within 2 weeks of registering or by the registration deadline (whichever comes first). Failure to do so may result in their registration being cancelled.

•    In order to assist candidates to register and prepare for the test, some tutorials and a quiz are available on the UMAT website. Candidates should watch the Registration tutorial and complete the quiz questions before registering for the test.

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See Mrs Lemon if you need more information.

Performance Workshops 

O’Connor Catholic College is excited to announce a new performing arts venture in 2017! In partnership with local business Little Fish Entertainment, OCCC is now able to offer specialised Performance Workshops for our students lead by Sarah Watson. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Performance from the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art and has worked with some of Australia’s leading directors and theatre practitioners. The aim of these weekly workshops is to develop the necessary skills and techniques required by a young actor to deliver truthful and meaningful performances in a variety of genres and styles.


Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2 will focus on performing classical Shakespearian text with the opportunity to be part of the NSW Shakespeare Carnival. The regional carnival will take place in the second week of Term 2 with state finals held in Sydney later in the year. There are opportunities to perform as a duo, in a group scene or as part of a dance/movement piece. Don’t fear Shakespeare! Learn to love the Bard and dare to tread the boards!