R.E Report

Youth Mass

Youth Mass this Sunday 26th March at the Cathedral 5.30pm. See you there! 


Lenten Reflection - Prayer​

Creator God

Take our Lenten offerings and make them radical;

grow their actions; 

enable their impact.

As we prepare for tomorrow, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven



In the seasons of the year, Lent is a time of emptying. Many of us spend the days simplifying - practising Lenten rituals of restraint and moderation.

But how I yearn for a deeper preparation; one worthy of the journey to the cross, the empty tomb and the upper room. I long for a global fast from violence: a hold on discrimination; an embargo on greed. The emptying of privilege and power is the Lent that honours the cross.

Nonetheless I will fast in my own meagre way, with the expectation that in Christ's tomorrow these small moderations will indeed be the things that break the bonds of violence discrimination and greed.

(Dominique Emery, TEAR Australia).










Paupers Banquet

Next Tuesday March 28 is the Paupers banquet. This is run as a fundraiser for Caritas and to highlight the unequal distribution of wealth on a global basis. Students pay $2.00 for a bowl of rice for lunch. Ten students are randomly drawn out to participate in a feast. Thanks to the Vinnies students for organising this.



Lenten Group

The O'Connor Lenten group continues to meet at 8.00am on Thursdays in De La Salle Chapel during Lent. It is a time for reflection on the Sunday Gospel reading and for prayer. Everyone is very welcome.


Stations of the Cross

All College students will participate in in the Stations of the Cross on the last day of this term, April 21. This will take place at 11.10am and will involve reflections on the passion at various venues around the College. Family, friends and parishioners are very welcome to attend. 



All students will have the opportunity to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation on March 29. It is a great opportunity to prepare for Easter. Thanks to Father Francis for organising this great opportunity for our students.




Thank you

Damian Roff


Chaplain Chat

Dear Friends,

What a privilege for me, to be asked by our Bishop, Michael Kennedy, to work with you as a Chaplain! I feel very honoured to be your Chaplain. You are a great group of men and women from different backgrounds, unique, full of energy, and with so many gifts and talents to offer. What a privilege to be part of you becoming, your best self!

We have so much in common, and so much we can learn, build and develop together. I am so excited to be working with you, one like you, with fears and hopes, joys and struggles, and even failings. To say the least, we are all a typical body of Christ, not perfect, but good, and good enough for God to work with for the good of all.

As your priest and Chaplain, I will hope to share with you my encounter with God and how He has revealed Himself in history and left us a narrative that is the good story. A narrative that contradicts the bad news we hear daily. A narrative that inspires hope, and challenges us to live our lives to the full. Above all, a narrative that reveals who we really are. 





With great joy, 

Fr. Francis Afu