Assistant Principal's Report

Year 7

Year 7 students are currently camping on the Barrington Tops. This is the first time we have used this facility mainly due to the increased size of the Year 7 group but also because of the range of challenging team-building opportunities. The school would like to thank Mr Russell for his organising of the camp and also Miss Clydsdale, Mrs Roff, Mr  Hawthorne, Mr Fittler and Mrs Czinner for giving up their time to support the developmental growth of the Year 7 group.


Year 12 Exams

The Year 12 half yearly Examination period begins March 30th. Mrs Channon has distributed the daily timetable and all students should be putting in many hours of study preparation. Students will be able to rest up over the Easter break. The most important aspect of achieving high marks is for students to answer the question. This might seem obvious but in reality students tend to see words and write what they know rather than answer the question. Students also need to use correct terminology and ensure that any written answer is properly structured. Practicing the writing of answers is an important preparation technique leading up to the exams.



Students from Year 7 – 11 will receive a progress report this week. The report focuses on 3 key indications of progress, that being:

  1. Focused on learning and completion of net tasks
  2. Remembering behaviour is respectful to those in the learning environment
  3. Prepared and organised for learning.

You will notice that learning lies at the care of each point. Descriptors are used against the learning criteria to describe the level to which students are performing. What is important to note is that these reports do not reflect the actual or prospective Achievement Grade. A full academic report will be available at the end of Term 2.

Upcoming Events

Week 9

28 March - Paupers Banquet

30 March - Half Yearly Exams

31 March - Pastoral Period


Week 10

3 April - Yr 12 Half Yearly Exams (all week)

4 April - Warramalaya Retreat (until the 7th)

7 April - Stations of the Cross, Cross Country

7 April - Last Day of Term




Thank you

Simon Fleming