St John's 

Community Association

Community Events and Fundraising 2020

Term Three

                                  No events currently scheduled

Term Four

                                  Family Social Event (contact Eileen Dalton and Elizabeth Watkin)


October 25            Pink meets Teal Garden Party (formerly Think Pink day) 

                                  (contact Eileen     Dalton)

December             Mango Fundraiser (contact Rhyannon Elliott and Michelle Plant)

Office Bearers 2020

Co-Chairs  - Donna Inglese and Courtney Laffin

Secretary -   Michelle Plant

Treasurer -   Wanni Tendean

Meeting Dates - Everyone is Welcome



Next meeting

(To be advised)

Lyons Room

Tues 8 September 2pm

Thurs 8 October 7pm

Thurs 5 November 7pm

Lyons Room


Tues 1 December 7pm


Lyons Room