Student Wellbeing

What is Resilience? Resilience means the ability to overcome and ‘bounce

back’ from change or from difficult life events. A person that is resilient is able

to learn from their experiences and apply this knowledge and coping skills to

other situations. The more resiliency factors your child has, the more likely he

or she will be able to resist negative influences.



Resilient Children:

•  Are involved in meaningful activities

•  Have goals and a positive outlook

•  Have an interest in school

•  Are assertive

•  Seek out positive adult role models

•  Can solve problems

•  Are confident in their abilities

•  Have a network of supportive people

•  Are aware of their feelings and able to work through difficult emotions

•  Can reflect and remember times when they have done well despite difficulty

•  Can cope with uncertainty in their lives

•  Have empathy toward others

•  Have a sense of responsibility

•  Show qualities of being both independent, and dependent on others


An unprecedented global pandemic can stir up lots of challenges for students.

St John’s is committed to not only helping students meet the challenges of

today but be resilient and thrive for the future. If you are looking for ways to

help your child be more resilient please contact the school or me directly.

We can support your child with one on one help or provide parenting

strategies and consultations.


School Counsellor - Dominique Furet



Whitehorse Council

School Focused Youth Services - Health and Family Services Department