For our students.... 

This Week's Birthdays



Monday 31st  -  Matthew MSH


Tuesday 1st  -  Alexander MBK, Aiden SWS,                  

                              Emma SWS

Wednesday 2nd  -  Daham  SKF

Today  -  Ruby MJB

Tomorrow  -  Thomas SNT

Saturday 5th  -  Rhys MJB, Erfan MJB

Sunday 6th  -  Madeline PJT, Atticus JLC



Congratulations!  We hope you had or will have a wonderful day!   


Fit for Life in Prep & Junior

Our Preps and Juniors are keeping fit in lockdown, working with Laura Yorke on some fun ways to exercise, learn new skills and share their achievements.


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Library News

I promised that I would update you all about the State Library of Victoria. They have responded to my enquiry and advised that, as they are mainly a reference library, they do not have many eBooks that are suitable for Primary School children. They advised me that all Victorian residents are able to join City of Melbourne Libraries (you will need to provide proof of address) and provided me with this link to join online:


The City of Melbourne libraries do have a section called ‘Borrow Box’ which as over 800 eBooks and eAudiobooks for children aged 0-13.  Many titles are available in this area, but most of them are for independent readers.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before our students can start borrowing again from the school library.  I know that there are some wonderful books there just waiting to be borrowed again. In the meantime please try to continue to encourage your children to read.  Books provide a wonderful opportunity for escape, which I know I have enjoyed even more lately.  Books can take me to places that I cannot go at the moment.

Sue Offer  -  Library Technician

It's Time to be Sunsmart

Friendly reminder - sun protection times have already started


Although it may still be cold, Victoria’s UV levels are on the rise so please check the daily local sun protection times to see when you need to be SunSmart.  The sun protection times are a forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology for the time of day UV levels are forecast to reach 3 or higher in your location. At these levels, sun protection (hat, clothing, sunscreen, shade and, if practical, sunglasses) is recommended for all skin types. 


Sun protection times are available via:

Parents, please note that when we are back at school next term, wide-brimmed hats are compulsory for all students to wear when outside classrooms.  Students who do not bring hats will be confined to playing under roof-shaded areas.  School wide-brimmed hats can be purchased now from the Uniform Shop.  Order online via Flexischools.